What is Acculturation/meaning/concept

When a community of people takes on a kind of foreign culture, a process of acculturation takes place. This process can be conscious or unconscious, peaceful or through the use of force. What is Acculturation?

Several historical examples

When the Spanish conquerors arrived in the lands of the American continent, they implanted their language, their religion, their traditions and their way of understanding life.

Roman civilization was basically the imposition of a cultural mode in relation to other subjugated peoples.

The Nazi ideology was based on the submission of other territories and the supremacy of Aryan race and culture.

Some minority cultures are in danger of extinction due to the hegemony of majority cultures. In this sense, certain communities in Latin America experience a gradual process of loss of identity as a people (for example, the Garifunas who live in Central America are part of a community that tries to maintain its roots, but its culture is threatened by the dominant institutions). What is Acculturation?

When the Australian territory was occupied by the British, the aboriginal peoples were victims of a slow cultural extermination.

Globalization and acculturation

Globalization has two very different sides. In its most satisfactory dimension, it presents a series of advantages: greater access to all types of goods and services, reduction of production costs , elimination of economic frontiers, etc. However, not all are benefits. In fact, the globalized world is associated with acculturation. Along these lines, some minority languages ​​are in danger of extinction and isolated groups of people generally lose their traditions because they do not adapt to the way of life and the reality of global markets.

The most characteristic example of the globalization-acculturation binomial is related to language. English has become a dominant language among human relations and this circumstance can be positive in the economic field, but harmful from the cultural point of view.

The cultural domain and the corresponding acculturation of a community usually have three phases:

1) the development of science and technology;

2) changing the economic model;

3) the gradual incorporation of a new culture.

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