What is Political Party definition/concept

The term political party refers to a type of organization that aspires to govern a country. Political parties are usually the means by which the population governs a democratic country and who choose their representatives to carry out this end through voting. However, there are also lone political parties in totalitarian regimes, which in this case represent only one type of organization that is part of the state. In this case, the vote can be eliminated or altered enough to be unfounded as a form of popular demonstration.

Human history has always presented human groups with political orientation and vision on how to govern a nation. However, a long time ago, political parties emerged along with the social and political changes in the world. a

Normally, political parties present a certain conception of the role of a country within the international concept, as well as a refined economic vision. However, with a simple unreflective vision it becomes impossible to govern, and that is where the role of political parties in society comes into play . This process is presented through campaigns that indicate their plans and objectives in case of reaching power. Political Party

In a political party, its members can have different roles. In fact, there are people who just join the parties without effective participation , while others take on responsibilities in their organization. Those who hold public office are also considered party members. In the case of having a decision-making position, there are technical teams linked to the party that support their respective professions. Political Party

Therefore, the main purpose of a political party is to have the public power of a nation to make the necessary decisions. This circumstance can only happen with the conception of the population through elections and for a determined time limit. Political Party

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