What is Opportunism definition/concept

Opportunities are part of life. There is a positive way to seize opportunities. For example, fight for them and watch the doors that open in your path. However, there is a negative sense of  behavior: opportunism.

This  behavior is typical of the person who is able to take advantage of a negative situation for their own benefit, including acting against ethical values ​​and the practice of good.

person who only thinks about himself

Therefore, when a person is qualified as an opportunist, it means that they are interested and able to exploit others for their own benefit.

Every human being seeks his own interest in most moments of life. However, in the case of the opportunist, he is able to work for his own benefit, even if his  behavior may harm others. Opportunism

Opportunism is analyzed by ethics since the opportunist acts as if the end justifies the means. However, ethical principles remind us otherwise. That is, not everything is allowed.

Therefore, opportunistic people in the usual way are people with little integrity. People who lack a sense of honesty . And yet they have an excessive ego and are excessively preoccupied with their social image .

The film in the examples show opportunistic profile of a person.

Story of an opportunist

This is the case, for example, of the film “The Fraud”, in which Richard Gere plays Robert Miller, a businessman who is apparently successful in the family environment and in the professional field.

However, his personal reality is quite different through an event that puts his reputation and the built empire at stake. However, the protagonist manages to maintain his image thanks to the opportunism of his position of power. The film stars Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon. Opportunism

The opportunist can also be a kind of emotional vampire to other people. Since sometimes the opportunist takes advantage of the weaknesses and mistakes of others to have his own lucky break. Therefore, an opportunistic person is one who seeks a specific purpose even acting against any value.

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