What is Architecture/meaning/concept

Human beings build buildings for various purposes: for living, for artistic purposes, for military or civil use. The different types of buildings are the expression of architecture.

The design of a building has a practical dimension, but at the same time it is an art. In fact, architecture is one of the seven most beautiful arts.

Throughout history, humans have built buildings in function of their needs, but also in relation to their technical knowledge and context social .

When man becomes sedentary, he settles in a territory creating a community

From this moment the history of architecture begins. Initially, the buildings were megalithic monuments, that is, large stones whose function was symbolic. The history of architecture can be understood by analyzing different creative styles. In ancient civilizations were built the first cities of which they were walled to protect from possible invaders. When monotheistic religions were established, religious buildings were built (churches, synagogues, temples, mosques or monasteries).

The Greeks and Romans were the great supporters of civil architecture, aimed at meeting the needs of the larger population. In this sense, architecture is related to urbanism and the beginning of the Middle Ages, so the idea of ​​the city took on a new dimension. Medieval cities incorporated religious, military, civil architecture and, in parallel, a series of infrastructures were developed to encourage commerce . Subsequently, each period created its own architectural style (Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance , Baroque, Neoclassicism , etc.).

In addition to the artistic dimension of architecture, this discipline is focused on building new homes

There are very different types of houses: cabins, tenements, shacks, ranches, apartments, rural houses, among others. Each model of home obeys certain regional, cultural and, above all, climatic circumstances.

Another possible perspective of architecture is related to the materials used. The architect looks for the right material to achieve strength in his buildings, in addition to plasticity and beauty . For this reason, it can be said that there are two fundamental ideas in the mind of an architect: the functionality of a building and the ornamental part.

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