What is Metempsychosis definition/concept

Since ancient times, there has been talk of the countless lives of human beings. Defenders of this idea believe that after death our life path does not end, but we acquire new forms of existence in different beings. Metempsychosis

This process is commonly called reincarnation or transmigration of the soul, but it is also known by another term, metempsychosis. This word comes from the Greek word metempsychosis and literally means “passage of souls”.

The transmigration of souls in Greek philosophy

For Pythagoras of Samos and his followers the soul of men is imprisoned in a body. After physical death, the soul is successively reincarnated in another body in order to purify itself. Metempsychosis

According to Plato, man is formed by soul and body, the soul being immortal and the body not. On the other hand, our soul has the possibility to remember previous lives.

In the Orphic tradition, it is stated that human beings proceed from the gods and, consequently, the human soul has a divine dimension that allows it to reincarnate in another being after death.

The reincarnation of the Dalai Lama

The spiritual leader of Tibetans is not simply a Buddhist monk who lives by spiritual principles. In fact, he is a reincarnated teacher who is descended from a long line of men with great wisdom.

In Tibetan culture , since the 15th century, it can be said that there were 13 great masters and that they all had the title of Dalai Lama. According to the doctrine of Tibetan Buddhism, lamas can choose whether or not to reincarnate and also in whom and when. Metempsychosis

The Wheel of Samsara

According to Hinduism and other Eastern doctrines, the human soul travels through various dimensions of the universe . After this journey through different physical manifestations, the soul reaches its human reality .

In every form of life the dharma of every being acts doing good or evil, consequently, the soul acquires certain kharma in its future life. This process is known as the Wheel of Samsara. Metempsychosis

Past Life Regressions as Therapy

Through hypnosis some researchers are able to make people remember their experiences in other lives. The phenomenon of regressions logically implies a reincarnation process.

Those who practice past regression techniques aim to correct some symptoms in their patients. In other words, some traumas or problems in the present come from a previous life. Metempsychosis

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