What is Cultural Diversity definition/concept

Cultural diversity is a situation in which different cultural expressions of heritage and different traditions can coexist harmoniously, each contributing differently. Generally, civilizations in the past maintained a culture isolated from the rest of other communities, this means that despite interacting with each other and enriching, diversity remained distant, with each group trying to maintain its own identity. Currently, as a result of certain historical, social and technological processes, cultural diversity has focused on a gradual elimination of differences. Thus, we can see that from these different cultures and ancestors a kind of global common culture emerges , which brings together a mixture of different cultures.

In the past, as already mentioned, there was a cultural diversity that represented a set of traditions, artistic and religious expressions that identified a people. However, within certain limits we can observe, in some circumstances, that there was a process of incorporation of different elements from different cultures in a common space. Thus, we can say that these civilizations are largely integrated with the internal cultural diversity and that they treated them accordingly.with what they would receive in their home village. In fact, due to its frequent contact with other civilizations, some of which showed superior advances in certain areas, Rome began to integrate in its interior elements typical of different cultures. A clear example of this situation is its polytheism, which incorporated gods from other peoples, coming from Greece. In the artistic area, they experienced a similar situation, because they used the same techniques developed by other peoples.

Currently, there is an integrated cultural diversity due to globalization. It is a fact that technological development has brought about the proximity of distances thanks to more efficient means of transport. Telecommunication has made it possible for cultural diversity to come to the fore and has provoked a situation similar to that seen in Rome, with the difference that the process is not conducted by a particular group. Indeed, it is easy to see how this diversity, which shows a variety of cultures so far apart, gradually develops into a common culture that will no doubt be accentuated over time.

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