What is Integration definition/concept

It is called integration to the process that a certain element is incorporated into a larger unit . Thus, for example, it is possible to refer to social , labor, economic, energy, regional integration , among others. The antagonistic circumstance is called disintegration and has to do with the separation of the different parts of a whole to the point of eliminating the primary entity that constitutes it. Integration from a social or economic point of view makes it possible to advance the living conditions of the population, as it allows showing the strengths of a person or any type of group. It is basically one of the principles that underpins commerce .

When we refer to the various social processes, the concept of integration shows how a person begins to be part of a larger group. This type of circumstance can have a lot of levels. So, for example, referring to social integration in general, we can say that it is a society’s way of creating mechanisms for individuals to participate in it. In general, this type of circumstance can be useful both for the individual and for society itself, in addition to having specific facets. In this way, labor integration explains a person’s ability to enter the labor market with relative ease. This situation is linked to the needs of society.

Integration can also take place in various societies. So, for example, we can say that globalization is a process that has achieved a deep integration of human groups with different cultures and histories. This circumstance is a complex process that shows economic, technological and cultural aspects. In fact, this integration can only happen due to advances in technology, which can shorten distances and time. This means that the evolution of transport has facilitated the world’s commerce causing great impact and repercussion. Another important point to be considered is the fact that communications have achieved a great advance with cultural contact, a situation that has deepened over time.

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