What is Gigolo definition/concept/elaboration

A gigolo is a man who offers himself to a woman in exchange for money. Usually, the woman is of legal age and this relationship between them has a sexual purpose.

Generally, the gigolo is a young man with good physical appearance who is professionally dedicated to serving women for the purpose of financial gratification, as well as receiving gifts and certain services.

The word gigolo is of French origin and therefore a copy of this language. Began to become popular in the nineteenth century, it is considered to come from the term guinge meaning violin and dance.

It can be said that the gigolo is dedicated to male prostitution, but it is a prostitution that involves some aspects. The gigolo doesn’t simply offer his body as a sexual purpose, he is also a sporadic companion of wealthy women who seek fun and practice a kind of game of seduction.

The gigolo is able to frequent luxury environments in order to attract the attention of his clientele

In the world of these professionals there are a series of differentiated characteristics: glamour, elitism, good manners, sexual fantasies and consumption of expensive products. The environment of these individuals is generally known through literature and cinema , as this type of reality is not common in everyday life . Cinema films have created a sophisticated idea of ​​everything that surrounds this world, so it is very likely that it does not correspond to reality, as shown by the case of a gigolo who falls in love with his client, this is an attractive idea, but unrealistic.

Some evaluations

Female prostitution is well known, while male prostitution is seen in another way, as a social taboo . While female prostitution is linked to trafficking in women, exploitation and sex tourism; the male one deals with a little discussed topic. For this reason, on certain occasions, gigolos are confused with crooks or prostitutes.

From a historical perspective, male prostitution was already practiced in antiquity, as both in Greece and in Rome, there were already men’s brothels, who normally passed for slaves.

The gigolo figure can be interpreted in several ways: as a professional who offers a service and charges for it, in the same way as any other work activity; as someone who lets himself be abused by older women; as an unscrupulous person with no sense of morality. Thus, it is clear that there are several assessments that can be done by this type of individual .

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