What is Gigolo History Characteristics Dangers and Future


Gigolo is a masculine noun that defines the individual who survives or is supported by another person in exchange for sexual services . It can be considered a synonym for “call boy” or prostitute.

Normally, it is directly related to prostitution , but the word is also used pejoratively to define a man who survives at the expense of others, in a kind of exploitation.

A gigolo may provide sexual services to men, women, or couples in exchange for financial help or something of value.

In the seventh art, the gigolo appears as a character almost always explored with comedy, as in the films ” European Gigolo ” or ” Gigolo by Accidental “.

Gigolos and pimps are often confused as being synonyms, however there is a big difference between the meanings of the two words While the gigolos are men supported by another individual in exchange for material goods, the pimp is known for controlling and “managing” the work of “call girls”, also known as prostitutes.

What is the origin of the term gigolo

The term has French origins and was first used in the 19th century to refer to men who were hired to dance with women at parties and social events. Over time, the term came to be used to refer to men who had romantic or sexual relationships with women in exchange for money or gifts.

The History of the Gigolo

The gigolo profession has been around for centuries, but it was much more common in the past than it is today. In eighteenth-century Europe, for example, it was common for young, handsome men to be hired by wealthy women to be their escorts at social events. Over time, the profession evolved and became more discreet. Nowadays, gigolos often work independently and promote themselves through specialized websites or escort agencies.

Who Are the Clients of the Gigolos?

Many people believe that only older and lonely women hire these services, but this is not true. In reality, gigolo clients are very varied and include women of all ages, social classes and sexual orientations. Another myth about gigolos is that they are just sex objects for their female clients. Although sex is part of the job, many women hire gigolos just for company and fun.

Characteristics of a Good Gigolo

Skill, Discretion and Empathy Being a good gigolo requires special skills. You have to be charming, polite and have a good conversation. In addition, it is important to have empathy and know how to listen to the needs of each client. Another essential trait for a good gigolo is discretion. As many clients are married or in stable relationships, it is important to maintain privacy and not expose your activities.

The Dangers of the Profession: Violence, Harassment and Discrimination

Unfortunately, as with any sex-related profession, gigolos also face dangers. Some clients may be violent or abusive, while others may try to force uncomfortable situations. In addition, the gigolo profession is still seen with prejudice by many people. This can lead to discrimination in the job market or even physical violence.

The Future of the Gigolo Profession:

Perspectives and Trends With the growth of the internet adult entertainment industry, many experts believe that the profession of gigolo may become more popular in the future. However, there are also concerns about increased sexual exploitation and violence against sex workers.

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