What is Butterfly Effect definition/concept

In chaos theory it is stated that complex and dynamic systems are very susceptible to small variations that occur. In this way, a small change in the initial conditions of something can imply noticeable differences in future behavior . When this happens, we talk about the butterfly effect. As for its name, it comes from an ancient oriental proverb that the flutter of a butterfly can be felt on the other side of the world. Butterfly Effect

Three simple examples

– Let’s imagine that we are going to try to solve a mathematical problem. We know the formulas we are going to use, but we missed a number when starting operations. The end result will be very different from what you want. In this sense, all this will lead to a wrong number. Butterfly Effect

– In an atmospheric system , minimal meteorological variation can cause the system to evolve in different ways. In other words, a slight variation in the air can be the factor that triggers a much larger reaction.

– When the second atomic bomb was to be dropped on the Japanese city of Niigata, unexpectedly there was a small change in weather conditions and this caused the pilots to change their initial plans and finally decide to drop the bomb on the city of Nagasaki. This slight disturbance of the weather at that time changed the history of Nagasaki. Butterfly Effect

Between the scientific and the mysterious

When talking about the butterfly effect, it is often said that totally insignificant things can generate a chain reaction and thus become something of great magnitude.

If we transfer this idea to the human context, we will be faced with a strange reality : what is apparently irrelevant has an incalculable potential. In this sense, any decision we make or any thoughts we have have consequences that we cannot predict. So what is supposedly banal in our lives can determine our existence.

For better or for worse, the little things that happen to us generate a certain effect of change in the course of events

This reality powerfully draws our attention and that is why several films were made about the idea of ​​the butterfly effect. In them, it is possible to observe how we are exposed to the changes taking place around us or how certain casualties end up conditioning our reality. Butterfly Effect

Finally, we are facing a phenomenon with two sides that complement each other, one scientific and the other mysterious.

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