What is Rhetorical Figure definition/concept

The language allows us a speech effectively. When we want communication to be accompanied by some complementary element, we have at our disposal a very important tool: rhetoric. The rhetorical figure is a language resource that allows you to communicate something more than a simple message , as its objective is to create beauty through words, suggest ideas and definitely play with language. Most often, rhetorical figures are used to persuade. Rhetorical Figure

Rhetorical figures are used in literary language in any of its genres, but they are also used in the journalistic world, in advertising and in everyday communication.

The main rhetorical figures

Metaphor is a language that consists in identifying something real with some imaginary element through a resemblance, for example, the drum of your heart ; your eyes of fire; your silky lips, etc.

The similarity makes a comparison between two terms, for example, it is cold as marble; sleeps like a baby; strong like steel, etc. Rhetorical Figure

Metonymy consists in naming one element after another, for example, ate three dishes; swore to fight for his banner; bought a Dalí.

Hyperbole is a resource that intends to exaggerate a message, for example, eat an ox; it hurts the soul; everyone knows.

The synecdoche is characterized by designating a part of something as if it were a totality, for example, it has twelve springs; earns bread with a lot of effort ; it has many mouths to feed.

The paradox expresses an apparent contradiction between two terms, but which in the end communicate an idea with meaning, for example, I live without living in myself; forbidden to forbid; I only know that I know nothing.

The antithesis presents two opposing concepts, for example, such as the illustrious lines of Ruben Dario “when I want to cry I don’t cry, but sometimes I cry without meaning to”. Rhetorical Figure

Advertising and rhetorical figures

Advertisements need to convey a suggestive message to potential consumers in a very short time. Therefore, advertising seeks an expressive language that attracts attention. To achieve this end, advertising creators do not ignore rhetorical figures as being language tools with great potential. On the other hand, in a notice advertising it is possible to combine a rhetorical figure with an image that reinforces the effect of the words. Rhetorical Figure

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