What is Equity definition/concept/elaboration

All cultures have their own values ​​and principles. The idea of justice , on the other hand, has different interpretations, as everyone has an idea of ​​what is fair or unfair. Equity is a way of establishing a criterion of fairness to the extent that two words are commonly used interchangeably.

For there to be justice, there must be a sense of proportionality. And it is precisely equity, the concept that balances the idea of ​​justice. A posture is equitable when it establishes an appreciation that does not randomly benefit one of the parties involved, but that tries to distribute something according to the merits or conditions of the people affected.

It is not easy to put an equity criterion into practice in some cases. The role of the judge is an example of the existing difficulty, since there are some laws that establish an agenda, but in practice the judge must evaluate each case, each context and the possible aggravating or mitigating factors.

The idea of ​​equity is related to the distribution or division of something. There are many ways to share, organize and manage. However, it is convenient to have mechanisms that level out the natural inequalities between people. Let’s think in terms of democracy, it bases the value of equity as follows: each person has the right to one vote.

Equity serves as a notion to establish an adequate order in human relations . At the same time, it is an ideal that one tries to apply as much as possible.

For equity to be operational, on certain occasions, it is necessary to establish rules that put unequal people on an equal footing . For this reason, the laws apply the concept of non-discrimination on grounds of sex, race or beliefs. In this sense, rules and regulations usually implement equitable mechanisms, for example, the same number of men and women in public office or on electoral lists.

The idea of ​​equity presents a wide variety of circumstances such as sports , school, justice or work. This is one of the values ​​necessary for society to organize itself without excessive disruptions.

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