Gender Ideology definition/gender identity/sexual orientation

Gender ideology” is an expression used by critics of the idea that genders are actually social constructions. For the defenders of this “ideology”, there is not only male and female gender, but a spectrum that can be much broader than identification with only male and female. Gender Ideology definition

The so-called “gender ideology” would represent the concept that supports gender identity . It consists of the idea that human beings are born equal, with the definition of male and female being a cultural-historical product tacitly developed by society.

This means that a person’s perception of their gender is not a choice, it is an understanding of their identity and the way they recognize themselves as an individual, regardless of their biological sex.

Thus, it is necessary to be careful when using the expression “gender ideology”, as discussions linked to gender (gender identity) are not about an ideology, which is a set of values ​​and ideas about a subject.

What is gender identity?

Traditionally, the word gender is usually interpreted as a synonym for the assigned sex, that is, corresponding to the sexual organ in which the individual was born (penis is male, vagina is female).

But, according to gender identity, the fact that a certain person was born with the male sexual organ does not make this person obligatorily identify himself as a man. Gender Ideology definition

The United Nations (UN) has already declared that gender identity is the way an individual recognizes himself, how he perceives his own identity.

Thus, advocates of the so-called “gender ideology” identify gender as the projection of everything that society and culture expect to be typical of male and female behavior, for example. And, in this case, these behaviors need not necessarily be linked to the assigned sex.

Gender identity and sexual orientation

Another common confusion is between gender identity and sexual orientation. The latter refers to the sexual preference that a certain person has, which can be divided into: asexual, homosexual, bisexual and pansexual, for example. Gender Ideology definition

Thus, the “gender ideology” would be the scope of these ideas, placing gender as something that can be changeable and not limited , as defined by the biological sciences.

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