What is Ecovillage definition/concept/elaboration

Most of the world’s population lives in big cities. The pace of big cities and the stressful lifestyle does not suit everyone and for this reason many people look for more peaceful and stimulating alternatives. Ecovillages, also called ecovillages, are an option for those who are tired of the crowds, traffic jams and the noise of the cities. As the name implies, the ecovillage refers to a small population in which its inhabitants live and work in an ecological spirit. Ecovillage

Seeking a new vital project

Very simply, it can be said that life in an ecovillage is the same as life in the countryside. This definition is valid, but totally insufficient. They are related to some ideas that go beyond traditional rural life .

People who choose this option often team up with others to create a small community. On many occasions, they form cooperatives or associations to rebuild an abandoned people and turn it into a habitable place. Ecovillage

Ecologism and direct contact with nature are two fundamental elements for this alternative city

With regard to economic activity , its inhabitants are dedicated to rural tasks, cattle raising or some craft activity (it should be noted that new technologies allow a person who lives in the countryside to work at a distance with complete normality). With this economic and vital thinking , what is done is to escape the typical consumerism of cities, since the basic material needs are met, but in a balanced way and without unnecessary whims. This attitude explicitly expresses a certain rejection of capitalism and its associated values ​​(individualism, competitiveness, private property, maximum benefit, etc.). Ecovillage

Established human relationships are far from the urban model, as bonds of cooperation and mutual help are created among all neighbors. As a general criterion, there is a spirit of solidarity in these communities.

From a historical point of view, the hippie movement of the 60s is considered the precursor of this way of life.

Spontaneously and without any kind of planning, the first hippies created their small communities. Most of them settled in a rural and healthy environment to escape stress and the established system .

Over time, ecovillages have incorporated environmental sustainability criteria. This new context is related to permaculture, an organizational system that combines agriculture, ecological engineering and integral management of all resources .

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