What is Anti Values/meaning/concept

Just as there are some moral values that are the principle of right action and that help to differentiate between good and evil from an ethical point of view, we can also take into account that there are some values ​​that have the opposite effect and that clearly show the incorrect actions. There are examples of moral values ​​such as generosity, respect, honesty and tolerance. But there are also other examples of anti-values ​​such as lying, betrayal, infidelity, selfishness, disloyalty, etc. These are values ​​that show immoral actions that any human being can commit at some point in their life. Anti Values

Anti-values ​​are contrary to the dignity of human nature, since every human being must overcome himself through the practice of virtue by doing good. When a person acts in consonance with some antivalue it means that he is acting below his means. Anti Values

A person who acts under the effect of anti-values ​​is often a cold and unscrupulous person who does not measure the consequences of his actions. On the contrary, a person of morals measures his attitudes. Anti-values ​​cause rejection and cause people to evade.

Within society there are some anti-values ​​that can interfere in personal relationships:

1. Dishonesty shows an attitude of betrayal towards another person with whom there is a bond of trust. A dishonest gesture breaks this trust in a timely manner as a result of a concrete attitude. Within the context of a couple’s relationship, a lie is an act of dishonesty. Anti Values

2. Arrogance shows the attitude of arrogance and arrogance that a person has in their interpersonal relationships to the point of behaving as if they were above the other. In the line of pride, we have presumption and arrogance, attitudes that break the scheme of equality in interpersonal relationships.

3. Hatred is a self-injurious feeling for those who suffer because to hate someone is to wish that person harm. It is noteworthy that hate produces a huge discharge of negative energy . Hate is different from envy, since the person who feels envy suffers from sadness with the happiness of the other, but does not wish that person’s harm. However, envy is also an antivalue, so much so that it is contrary to love. Anti Values

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