What is Drug Cartel/meaning/concept

The Cartel is a criminal organization. It is a term referring to organized criminal groups in Latin America. In other parts of the world, it is more common to use the word mafia. Drug Cartel

“Cash or lead” in the Mexican cartels

In Mexico, more especially in the territory bordering the United States, there is a situation of great social upheaval : thousands of crimes and disappearances, smuggling, drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping and widespread corruption. The main culprits are certain cartels dedicated to transporting narcotics from Mexico to the United States. Drug Cartel

These groups have become extremely wealthy and powerful because of their outlaw activities. Cartels defend their interests with a system known as “cash or lead”. In other words, you either accept the bribe or you will be murdered. This form of intimidation affects the daily life of the entire border territory. There is a circumstance that clearly reflects the atmosphere of violence : in some places Mexican police officers tend to wear their faces covered, as they know that their lives are in serious danger. We cannot forget, on the other hand, that some police officers are collaborators or directly gunmen of criminal groups.

Ciudad Juarez, the crime capital of the world

Ciudad Juarez is a place in Mexico where the population suffers most from the consequences of cartel activities. In it, violence is out of control and every day several crimes happen with absolute normality. For years it has been known as the murder capital of the world. Obviously, this situation negatively affects investments , tourism, employment and quality of life in general. In recent years, the situation in Ciudad Juarez has improved significantly. However, this location remains under the control of the Juarez Cartel, an organization that competes with others, such as the Sinaloa Cartel, the Tijuana Cartel or Os Zetas. Drug Cartel

The social structure of cartels

These criminal groups have an organized structure similar to any multinational, with their territories, markets and franchises.

At the base of their social pyramid are the “narcomenudistas” or donkeys, who are usually young people recruited by these cartels to sell drugs on the streets. At a higher level are the “triggers”, that is, gunmen willing to pull the trigger at any time. In a next level appears the lieutenant, responsible for controlling a territory. Lastly, the cartel has its own leader as the most responsible and, of course, every leader has their “queen” by their side, usually a super-attractive woman. Drug Cartel

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