What is Agro Industry/meaning/concept

The products from the countryside and the sea and their subsequent commercialization form the agro-industry sector. This sector is based on transforming products from any agricultural, forestry or livestock activity. These processes can be either artisanal or industrial.

Since the industrial revolution started in the 18th century, agribusiness has used appropriate techniques to increase production levels . In this way, the automation of the different processes facilitates the control and marketing of the obtained products.

The purpose of all this is to modify the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of the originating raw materials. What is Agro Industry?

The corn agribusiness

Corn is an essential raw material in many communities in Latin America. If corn were sold in its natural state , its final price would be much lower than a can of corn. This example reminds us that the corn consumed has an added value and agro-industry professionals are those who work for its commercial optimization.

Corn flour can be obtained from corn. In a first phase, the raw material is classified into deposits and the grains are organized depending on their size. Then proceeds to the cleaning of residues (mainly dust, sand and fertilizers).

In the next phase, the product goes into the cooking process in large electric pots and when the corn reaches its cooking point, it is introduced into a refrigerating machine that keeps the product fresh. After this phase, the grains are introduced into hammer mills for the grinding process. What is Agro Industry?

Finally, the flour is prepared with a series of ingredients (basically butter, oil and salt) before final packaging.

The agro-industrial process in cocoa

It all starts with collecting the ripe cocoa ears. In the next phase you have to unravel the ear to collect the cocoa beans. Then the beans are fermented to get a good flavor. Afterwards the grain is dried in the sun.

Before commercialization, the grain must reach a moisture content of 7%. Cocoa bags are stored in a cool place .

In the chocolate factory, the cocoa bean is toasted, the husk is removed and impurities are eliminated. From there, the elaboration of various products such as table chocolates, confectionery, cocoa liquor, etc. begins. What is Agro Industry?

agro-industrial engineering

Industrial engineering studies present a very wide field of work: private production sites, agricultural cooperatives, producer associations, quality and innovation departments , etc.

One of the sectors of agro-industrial engineering is food, in which it is necessary to master chemical transformation processes and generate good quality products for consumers. What is Agro Industry?

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