What are Social Sciences area of ​​study importance and humanities

What are Social Sciences?

The social sciences are a broad area of ​​study aimed at understanding how societies function, develop and organize.

In the social sciences, all the important aspects related to a society are studied: its origins, historical processes, functioning, aspects of development, social transformations, conflicts, cultural characteristics and habits.

What is the area of ​​study of the social sciences?

These work with investigation and research on the various aspects related to human behavior over time and how these behaviors can influence the structure of a society.

In order to understand the functioning of society, in addition to studying current social phenomena, the historical origins of society, development processes and different human behaviors are also studied.

It studies how the social aspects of a place influence and individualize the identity of a given society. Social events, individual and collective behavior, people’s identities, cultural, family and economic habits are researched.

The three areas of study of the social sciences

These encompass three different areas of study: anthropology, sociology and political science.

  • Anthropology : studies the characteristics of society, such as cultural, religious, economic habits and family structures.
  • Sociology : studies the functioning of social relationships between individuals who are part of a society.
  • Political science : studies the functioning of politics, ideologies, regimes and systems of government and the way in which power relations develop.

These areas of study, each with its particularities, seek to understand the different social aspects in order to understand the differences in human reality within a given social context.

What is the importance?

The existence of social sciences is important to help better understand the functioning of a society, its cultural diversity and the behavior of individuals, as beings that are part of a social group.

This is important to better interpret the different existing social realities, as well as to understand which moral and social values ​​are part of a given social context. Likewise, studies in the social sciences are important for understanding historical cycles and social transformations that take place over time.

The results of these studies can be used for many purposes. For example: in the evaluation of government activities, in educational projects, in the implementation of public policies, in market research, in politics and in social projects.

Who is the social studies professional?

Anyone trained in this area is called a social scientist . This professional is responsible for preparing studies and research in the social sciences.

Part of the work of the social scientist is the study of processes and historical changes and the analysis of behavior of different social groups. Data collection and research on the functioning of political institutions are also part of this professional’s work.

The job market for a social scientist can be quite broad. In addition to being a researcher, he can also act as a speaker, as a consultant or advisor in various branches of society, both in the public and private spheres.

social science course

The course at the Faculty of Social Sciences lasts an average of four years and covers the disciplines of the three areas that make up the social sciences: sociology, anthropology and political science.

Among other disciplines, subjects such as geography, history, anthropology, economics, statistics, sociology, philosophy, politics and scientific methodology are part of the course curriculum. The course also includes practical disciplines that include field research and data collection and analysis.

The course can be obtained with two different qualifications: baccalaureate and degree . The bachelor in social sciences acts primarily in the area of ​​research, data analysis and consulting. The graduate in social sciences, in addition to working with research, is also qualified to work with teaching in this area.

Difference between social sciences and humanities

The social sciences study the most varied aspects of society and the influence of human behavior in a given society. The human sciences, although they also study human beings, are more focused on their individual aspects, as is the case with psychology.

Therefore, the biggest difference between them is that the social sciences study human behavior as part of a collective , as a social being; while the human sciences study aspects of man that are more considered in his individuality .

The Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes), which is the body responsible for higher education standards in Brazil, considers that many of the disciplines studied in the social sciences course are part of the human sciences area, as is the case of philosophy, history and sociology.

Thus, although they are considered to belong to different areas of knowledge, it is important to know that they are interdisciplinary areas and that, together, they study the numerous social aspects.

applied social sciences

Applied social sciences is a name for an area of ​​knowledge, created by Capes.

According to the agency, courses such as administration, architecture and urbanism, librarianship, accounting sciences, social communication, law, social work, among others, are included in the area of ​​applied social sciences.

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