What are Animal Rights with Universal Declaration of Animal Rights

Animal Rights

Freedom, physical integrity and, above all, life are among the Animal Rights , just as it is with humans. According to movement currents in defense of these beings, humans and animals are equal when it comes to sensitivity to pain and psychic suffering.

With that in mind, we invite you to learn more about what the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights , published in 1978, says. In this text, you will be informed about news on this subject, understanding the difference between animal welfare and rights. Let’s go?

Universal Declaration

The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights was created in 1977 by the International League for Animal Rights. However, it was only proclaimed a year later by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), a UN body.

The document contains 14 articles that reinforce the understanding that animals have the right to a dignified life. For this, it is up to humans to protect and care for animals, especially those who are in contact with them.

Among the notes in the document are the right to equality as living beings and the right to live in conditions specific to the species .

The 10 animal rights

Taking into account that all animals have rights, the Universal Declaration defined the ten main premises for taking care of pets, under the eyes of the legislation.

  1. All animals have the same right to life;
  2. All animals have the right to respect and protection from humans;
  3. No animal should be mistreated;
  4. All wild animals have the right to live freely in the habitat;
  5. The animal that the human chooses as a companion must never be abandoned;
  6. No animal should be used in experiments that cause pain;
  7. Every act that endangers the life of an animal is a crime against life;
  8. Pollution and destruction of the environment are considered crimes against animals;
  9. These must be upheld by law;
  10.  Humans must be educated to observe, respect and understand animals from childhood.

Challenges for animal rights lawyers

Even with the advances made, lawyers still face some challenges in the field of animal law. Although the area is in growing evidence, the legislation is still considered fragile, which requires a great effort from the professional to adjust the interpretation of the law to favor animals.
In addition to the demand for laws specific to the subject and of national scope, another factor debated has been the training of law students for this area. Currently, graduations do not have disciplines focused on this field.

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