What are Animal Rights definition/concept

Since the time of Roman civilization, human beings are considered to have rights. Throughout history, a series of rights has been gradually conquered. In this sense, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created , a reference document according to which all people have a series of recognized rights, such as freedom of expression , decent work, the right to property, to freely practice certain religious beliefs or the right not to be discriminated against on grounds of sex, ethnicity or social status . Animal Rights

In recent years, some human values ​​and their corresponding legal recognition have been projected into the world of animals, which is why we speak of animal rights, whose fundamental idea is to explicitly recognize that animals deserve respect, in addition to being cared for and protected. This vision was materialized in a document, in 1977, which served as a proposal and reference: the well-known Universal Declaration of Animal Rights. Obviously, this proposal has supporters and critics and each of them presents their arguments.

arguments in favor

Those who defend the rights of the animal world claim that its foundation is that all animals must be respected by human beings.

This basically means that animals must not be mistreated under any circumstances . Therefore, it does not mean that animals have certain rights in the same way as humans, but they must be treated with dignity, for example, working animals must not be subjected to excessive activity and the death of large numbers of animals must be considered a genocide .

Animal rights advocates argue that their approach should be understood as a moral obligation of human beings to animals. In other words, the fact that animals are different from human beings does not make them inferior. It is worth remembering that when there was slavery in most countries, slaves had no rights and currently it is considered an ethical advance that slavery does not exist. Thus, human beings would advance ethically if they recognized certain animal rights.

Movements in favor of the legal protection of animals emphasize issues such as: the minimum attention they should receive; the protection of fauna; the danger of extinction and the legal conditions that must be applied with the sale of animals.

Opponents of animal rights believe the problem is poorly addressed

Animals must be treated with respect and according to a set of rules, but it is incorrect to talk about animal rights. Rights necessarily involve certain responsibilities and this idea is not applicable to animals, as they lack free will and decision-making capacity. In other words, if an animal cannot differentiate between good and evil it doesn’t make sense that it has certain rights.

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