8 Types of artistic expression and modern expressions

People have had the need to express ourselves since we were forged as humanity and, from that moment, the ways to do so have been spreading and multiplying. Being able to reproduce reality and emotions through unique and original creations is what has distinguished us from other living beings and has given us the ability to improve our lives and leave a legacy. In this article we will impart you the 8 Types of artistic expression

Today there are several disciplines and types of artistic expression that exist and if you are interested in knowing a little more about it, in this new oneHOWTO article we are going to stop to get to know them in depth and give them the importance they have had in society. .

What is artistic expression

Artistic expression is understood as all kinds of creative exploration and the search for emotions and reactions through art and the tools that are provided. The artist person intends, through the tools that art gives him, to express a part of himself that is internal and psychological.

You don’t always have to try to tell pure emotions, like love or sadness. An artistic expression can also be an exact recreation of the truth, as in the case of a customs book or a portrait. However, what makes them artistic expressions is the personal interpretation and use of the technique that the artist has specifically made.

The job of artists is to express, each one from their discipline . Despite the fact that anyone who sets their mind to it can develop an artistic expression, the truth is that over the centuries a series of niches and areas have been legitimizing on which art and all its presentations are generated. Next, we are going to review the main types of art or artistic expression.


One of the oldest types of art , already existing since the prehistoric period. It is about the use of pigments and dyes on any type of surface to be able to recreate a scene or reality. This does not always have to be realistic, as in the case of the great works of Velázquez or Goya, but can be abstract, like those of Picasso or Kandinsky and represent an emotion or feeling.


In this case, the artist’s hands do not use techniques with a brush on the surface, but rather, through clay, plaster, marble or limestone , he begins to shape and outline silhouettes that, as in the previous case, can represent a scene of perfect bodies, like Michelangelo’s David, or it can represent surreal forms.


Music is another of the oldest types of artistic expression and, today, one of the most present in society. In order to develop a musical expression, different musical instruments must be used , made of wood, metal and wind, which generate certain sounds through musical notes. The musicians must design a score and interpret it with the help of the instruments until they create a melody that evokes a sensation or feeling.

The need to express ourselves has led us for centuries to use our words as one of the most powerful tools to do so. The use of the written word has been used since the Middle Ages to be able to express emotions and recreate scenes and teachings. With the passage of time, reading became more and more accessible and now literature is one of the most consumed artistic expressions along with music.

Literature tells stories , whether personal or historical, but always, despite trying to be objective, they will carry with them an intention and an artistic tone that makes them one of the most versatile artistic expressions.


Finally, despite the fact that many artistic expressions require external materials and instruments, there is one in which only our bodies are needed to express ourselves : dance. In bodily expressions , the body is the instrument that interprets the rhythm of the music, the silences and the emotions of each moment.

modern expressions

Painting, sculpture, literature, dance and music are the oldest and most renowned artistic niches. However, over the centuries and progress, other types of art have been created that have gained enormous weight in society:

  • Photography: since the first camera arrived, the artistic community understood that realistic painting would take a backseat since, from that moment on, just by clicking you could capture a specific moment of reality. Since then, the techniques and their technology have evolved by leaps and bounds and now photography is an artistic expression that goes beyond taking a portrait type photo. If you are interested in this expression of art, here you can read about How to take professional photographs on the beach .
  • Cinema: the audiovisual and cinema world is the one by which a reality or situation is recreated in an integral way. It was quite a revolution since it meant being able to bring to the visual field the stories that for centuries were captured on paper. undoubtedly a step further for theater and the world of dramaturgy, derived from literature.
  • Collage: many new artistic expressions have emerged from the mixture of older ones. It is the case of the collage; the fusion between painting and photography through which images and scenes are created through clippings of drawings or photographs.

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