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The Palindromes are words or phrases that the read from left to right and vice versa express or have the same sense. This word can also be called palindromes. The origin of the word comes from the Greek term palin dromein, which means to go back again. Palindromes what they are and examples

Palindromes have been around since ancient times, but they may not have had any kind of identification. Historically this variety of expression has been attributed to a Greek satirist named Sótades who lived during the 3rd century BC, who produced several poems that were read equally from right to left and backwards.

A palindrome can be easy to read from right to left if it consists of one or two words. However, it acquires complexity when the sentence gains length or is extensive, this is because at first glance it may not make sense. An example of a palindrome is “There goes Ramón and no wonder”.


The use or application of palindromes extends to other areas, such is the case of numbers. However, numerical figures that are read the same from left to right or vice versa are called capicuas. Some examples of these designations are: 44, 343, 111, 1881, 2012, 89998, 288882.

On the other hand, palindromes are related to music, specifically in compositions. One of the best known is the rondo by the French Guillaume de Machaut, this could be interpreted note by note inversely in the same way as in the common order.

In the case of science, these types of words or phrases are present in the genetic codes, which determine certain sequences, such as agt aaa aaa tga.

Examples of Palindromes

The longest single-word palindrome in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is the onomatopoeic ‘tattarrattat’, coined by James Joyce in Ulysses (1922) for a knock on the door. Palindromes what they are and examples

Fun fact: the longest palindrome in use today is said to be the Finnish word “saippuakivikauppias” which means soapstone vendor. Other fun palindromes include:

Palindromic word list

  1. – Aba.
  2. Air.
  3. – There.
  4. – To.
  5. – Mistress.
  6. – Ana.
  7. – Anana.
  8. – It will scratch.
  9. – Arenera.
  10. – Arepera (lady who makes arepas, Venezuelan food).
  11. – Ata.
  12. – Revive.

List of palindromic phrases

  1. – Perhaps there were owls here.
  2. – To dig Caravaca.
  3. – My crazy person goes to Colima.
  4. – Ají swallows the lizard.
  5. – To the tower, defeat it.
  6. – Ali took linden.
  7. – There you see Seville.
  8. – There if Maria gives notice and so she will go to my chair.
  9. – He pampers me.
  10. Love the lady.
  11. – Mercedes that cream.
  12. – I love the peaceful dove.
  13. – Ana, the stingy Catalan.
  14. – Ana brings the hazelnut to the bear.
  15. Crazy Ana pulled out wool.
  16. – He longs for scab.
  17. – Tie the rat.
  18. Atheist for Arabia was a rare poet.
  19. – Art for Petra.
  20. – The abbot gave the fox rice.
  21. – The bar is magnet or miserable area.
  22. – Elenita, if Boris steals, hit him.
  23. – She gives you detail.
  24. – Eva wore mascara and looked at him soft.

Multiple Word Palindromes

  • Don’t nod.
  • I did, did I?
  • My gym Palindromes what they are and examples
  • Red rum, sir, is murder
  • Step on no pets
  • Top spot
  • Was it a cat I saw?
  • Eva, can I see bees in a cave?
  • No lemon, no melon

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