Fear of going crazy and how to overcome it

What is the fear of going crazy called?

What is the fear of going crazy? The fear of going crazy consists of the physical and mental sensation faced with the idea of ​​losing control that a person feels in a given situation and that this generates a series of behaviors, thoughts and emotions about which he has no intention.

From a clinical point of view, it is important to consider that the fear of going crazy is called panic disorder. This definition is implemented by DSM-V [1] based on the particularities that the framework has. According to this manual, there are some diagnostic criteria that allow its detection. Next, we will see what they are:

  • Sudden increase in anxiety.
  • Recurring concern about experiencing or experiencing panic attack- like symptoms again .
  • Deterioration of professional and social relationships and friendships based on the presence of indicators.
  • The alterations cannot be explained by the presence of other mental health disorders or the ingestion of toxic substances or medication.
  • Duration of a month or more.

More about fear of going crazy

Madness is something that can plague us day after day. People who face difficult times are usually full of ideas that represent constant fears, something that, if we think about it in more detail, we will easily realize. After all, how many people have had the feeling of losing control after an extremely unpleasant event? How did someone we know react to a major loss in life? How is it possible to overcome disappointments? In this sense, there is a clinical picture linked to the fear of experiencing states of lack of control and madness that can cause unfavorable consequences for the person.

Why are we afraid of going crazy

To approach this issue more clearly, it is essential to understand the possible origins that give rise to this fear. Below we will show you the main causes of the fear of going crazy:

environmental factors

First, consider the traumatic experiences they have had at different times in their lives. This type of situation can trigger a feeling of absolute loss of control due to the stress that can be glimpsed. Here we can find family losses, romantic disappointments, verbal and/or physical abuse , among others.

organic factors

On the other hand, biology can also lead to the appearance of the fear of going crazy, since there are several neurotransmitters that are associated with the processing of information from the outside.

In some circumstances, the fear of going crazy is reflected in an increase in cortisol , a hormone linked to the onset of stress.

Symptoms of Fear of Going Crazy

The fear of going crazy has some physical, emotional and behavioral manifestations that affect the personality of those who suffer from this condition. Below, we show you the main symptoms of the fear of going crazy:

  • Avoidance of social events.
  • Fear of hurting other people.
  • Feeling of unreality.
  • Isolation .
  • Excessive worries.
  • Excessive sweat.
  • Palpitations.
  • Sleep changes .
  • Food dysregulation.
  • Dizziness .
  • Vomiting.
  • Nausea.

In order to rule out any doubts, it is imperative that the diagnosis be prepared by a mental health professional to assess the characteristics of each patient and take into account their particularities.

How to overcome the fear of going crazy

Despite the obstacles that the fear of going crazy implies, there are some alternatives that help to improve the quality of life of those who suffer from this problem. Here are some tips to treat the fear of going crazy:

go to a psychologist

The main advice to reduce this type of thoughts is to start a psychological treatment . The therapeutic space provides the possibility of developing strategies consistent with the possibilities of each person to overcome problems such as the fear of going crazy.

With the help of a specialized health professional, a treatment plan will be established that must be followed in a specific time, depending on the degree of affectation of each person.

Sports practice

On the other hand, physical activity can be another great ally to combat the symptoms of fear of going crazy. In general terms, sport causes emotional containment and social encounters that bring about a sense of well-being.


Meditation is a practice based on using diaphragmatic breathing to relax the central nervous system . After a certain amount of time meditating, it is possible for the body to enter a state of tranquility. However, on some occasions it may be necessary for an instructor to be present during the exercises.

In the following article we explain in detail how to do meditation at home.

Write and/or speak to trusted people

The fact of putting into words what bothers us usually brings considerable relief . However, it is necessary that this action be aimed at people with whom there is prior confidence that it is a mental health issue.

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