Transitive and Intransitive Sentences with examples

Transitive and Intransitive Sentences 

The sentences are units having grammatical sense consistency, i.e., express sense alone. They start with a capital letter and end with a period. We are describing here the Transitive and Intransitive Sentences with examples.

There are many ways to classify the different types of sentences. One of them has to do with the type of verbs they contain. According to this criterion, there are two types:

Transitive sentences

They use transitive verbs, so they need a direct object or a complement to complete meaning.

For example,

Pablo made a proposal. (“A proposal” is a direct object) 

Intransitive sentences

They use intransitive verbs and do not need a complement to make sense.

For example

Juan and María walked. 

Examples of intransitive sentences

  1. Esteban left hours ago.
  2. The protagonist finally dies.
  3. Mariana always laughs.
  4. fell in the middle of the street.
  5. I coughed all night.
  6. Neighbors yell a lot in the morning.
  7. I sighed in relief when I heard the news.
  8. We swim three times a week.
  9. Juan read while Clara sang.
  10. We stayed in that country for fear of war.
  11. According to the radio, it will snow tomorrow.
  12. The little birds sang in the window of my house.
  13. Smile for the photo!
  14. Tomorrow I will leave earlier.
  15. The girl cried throughout the movie.
  16. The dog ran across the field.
  17. The girls jumped on the mat.
  18. Yesterday it rained quite a bit at the end.
  19. My grandmother doesn’t cook very well.
  20. Ramiro danced with his friend from school.

Examples of transitive sentences

  1. I had to carry those bags all over the neighborhood.
  2. Yesterday I cleaned the garage and the basement.
  3. I am waiting for you to attend to me.
  4. I think it is an excellent proposal.
  5. I listened to the latest Coldplay record.
  6. Yesterday I went to the new supermarket.
  7. The desk in my room is black.
  8. Mario is on vacation in Miami.
  9. gave him money for his trip.
  10. The neighbor is a carpenter.
  11. Boys have mumps.
  12. My great-aunt collected stamps as a child.
  13. I brought ice cream for dessert.
  14. I read a beautiful book by Gabriel García Márquez: “ One Hundred Years of Solitude ”.
  15. Hermann Hesse is German, not Ukrainian.
  16. The boys watched the movie in silence.
  17. Grab the pots from there.
  18. The character takes a huge risk.
  19. The doctor gave me this remedy for my cold.
  20. My mother prepared the bags for the trip.

We hope that you have understood the Transitive and Intransitive Sentences with examples.

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