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Welcome to your Linguistics Test 24

Lexemes that co-occur with each other in natural texts

A logical relation in which the illocutionary act employing one of a pair of propositions is expressed or implied to be true or in force if the other proposition is true

A category of nouns that do not have human or animal referents.

A word that does not belong to one of the main classes of words is invariable in form, and typically has grammatical or pragmatic meaning

An illocutionary point in which the speaker attempts to get someone to bring about the state of affairs described by the propositional content of the utterance

The act of obtaining language data from another person

A collocation of words that have contradictory or sharply incongruous meanings

A factor, sometimes expressed along with a concession relation, that prevents an expected event or state results in an unexpected event or state

A fixed environment that is used for discovering or testing particular words.

A noun whose referents are not thought of as separate entities

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