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Linguistic Test 33

Welcome to your Linguistics Test 33

A directive mood that signals the speaker’s act of giving permission

A case in which the referent of the marked noun is the possessor of the referent of another noun

A syntactic sentence type in a language that is used primarily to express such illocutionary acts, and is described as having imperative form

A reference point in relation to which a deictic expression is to be interpreted

Social deixis that encodes a low degree of status

A voice that indicates that the subject is the patient or recipient of the action denoted by the verb.

An association between sets of lexical units which refers to the relative values for a property of an object or event as determined against a qualitative standard

A category used to classify discourse and literary works, usually by form, technique, or content

A thorough description of the meaning of a lexical unit.

A word or phrase which marks an exclamation.

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