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Welcome to your Linguistics Test 32

A past tense that refers to a time considered more than a few days ago

Mixed metaphors that do not conflict with each other because they serve the same purpose and exhibit a correlation with each other.

A referent that may be inferred by the addressee from other information that has already been given

An indirect illocution whose illocutionary force is expressed directly by a performative verb but is given an additional illocutionary force by some device, such as modalization or subordination

The informing of a characteristic of the source domain (the metaphorical image) to the target domain (the concept receiving metaphorical treatment) by logical means

Past tense that refers to a time considered very recent in relation to the moment of utterance

The study of the origins and history of the form and meaning of words

A grammaticalization of the current relevance of a state or event, occurring before the moment of utterance, which is relevant because of a resulting state at the moment of utterance

A discourse that is used to recount a series of speech exchanges

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