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Linguistic Test 39

Welcome to your Linguistics Test 39

The replacement of one stem with another, resulting in an allomorph of a morpheme which has no phonological similarity to the other allomorphs

A set of distinctive forms that are used to signal modality

A third person deixis that distinguishes a referent that is more important at the present stage of the discourse from a referent that is less important

A language use characterized by spontaneous speech in situations that may be described as natural or "real-life," and the use of a "low” dialect or language in preference to a “high” one.

An item used to put off a dispreferred second part

An implicature in which the addressee is licensed to apply his or her knowledge of the world to infer an implicature that is informationally stronger than the actual utterance

The study of human speech sounds

A relative clause that helps to identify the referent of the word that it modifies

A case which expresses motion downward from the referent of the noun it marks

A semantic role that refers to that which is produced by an event

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