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Linguistic Test 46

Welcome to your Linguistics Test 46

The semantic role of a referent that results from the action or state identified by a verb
The relationship between the active and passive articulators as they shape or impede the airstream
A stem which can occur by itself as a separate word. Another morpheme need not be affixed to it in order for it to be a word
A limitation on the nature of the state of affairs described by the propositional content of an illocutionary act due to the nature of the illocutionary force employed
A numeral which expresses a group of the number specified
An optional constituent of a construction
The categorization of a language according to the extent to which words in the language are clearly divisible into individual morphemes
The processes or result of moving an element from its normal place to a place at the end or near to the end of a sentence
The underlying relationship that a participant has with the main verb in a clause
The term which heightens or lowers the intensity of meaning of an item

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