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Linguistic Test 22

Welcome to your Linguistics Test 22

A referent that has not been mentioned previously in the discourse is assumed by the speaker to be previously unknown to the addressee

A lexical item that signals a morphosyntactic operation.

Anything, real or imagined, that a person may talk about

A verb that occurs only in third person singular forms has no specified agent and has a dummy subject or no subject.

Social deixis is deictic reference to some social characteristic of a referent (especially a person) apart from any relative ranking of referents

A distinction in place deixis that indicates that the location is not in visual range

An illocutionary act, whether successful or unsuccessful, in which one or more of the preparatory or sincerity conditions for the act are not met

A clause, in a language with the grammatical category of switch reference that contains an indication as to whether or not one of its arguments is coreferential with an argument of a reference clause

A repair that results from a process that was begun by the addressee of the repaired utterance

A force schema that provides an understanding of physical or metaphorical counteracting forces is based on a prototypical schema consisting of countervailing forces acting on a target

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