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The set of substitutional relationships a linguistic unit has with other units in a specific context.

- A relation between a consequent and a condition. The consequent is true or in force if and only if the condition is true, with the result that there is a conditional relation in both directions between the related propositions

A movable non-event within a discourse that consists of a speaker's feeling toward an event or a state of affairs. It may have broad scope (such as toward a series of events) or narrow scope

An overlap that is intended to blot out some portion of the speech of another participant

Schema that involves the active meeting of physically or metaphorically opposing forces

A form-meaning composite that represents a lexical form, and single meaning of a lexeme.

A metaphorical or metonymic use of an expression in place of another expression that is disagreeable or offensive

An illocutionary act that is made complex by the negation of its illocutionary force. It expresses that the speaker is not performing a particular illocutionary act

A case that marks Indirect objects, Nouns having the role of recipient beneficiary of an action and possessor of an item

A prose-like description of the major grammatical constructions in a language, illustrated with examples

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