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Any of various proposals for ranking consonants according to some intrinsic property or according to their susceptibility to some process

In phonology, a segment which occupies a syllabic margin

A geographical region in which several unrelated languages share a number of linguistic features which are not widespread among languages generally or not shared with related languages elsewhere

That part of the complete grammar of a language which contains at least the lexical and grammatical morphemes, including any peculiarities which these may exhibit

The energy transmitted by a sound wave, in phonetics usually by a speech wave

A sound produced near or on the alveolar ridge

Variations in how a phoneme is pronounced which do not create a meaning difference in words

A distinctive feature which is related primarily to an acoustic characteristic of a segment, rather than to an articulatory characteristic

Any acoustic characteristic of a segment which aids in the recognition of that segment in speech

A word which has been copied into a language from another language, because of contact

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