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Linguistic Test 38

Welcome to your Linguistics Test 38

An additional articulation process that affects vowel or consonant production

The means employed by a speaker to accomplish the illocutionary point of an utterance

A constituent, in an endocentric construction, that imparts information relating to the head of the construction.

Two or more sounds which share phonetic features and are frequently found as variants of a single phonological unit in a language

A meaning that is more abstract than a primary sense of a lexeme but still shares some of its semantic components

A text which explains something

Any discrete unit or phone, produced by the vocal apparatus, or a representation of such a unit

A verb whose agent performs an action that is directed at itself. It characteristically takes a reflexive pronoun as its object

The distinctive pitch level which marks contrasts in grammatical features such as tense, aspect, and case.

A distinction in place deixis that indicates distance from the speaker or other deictic center

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