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A case which expresses that the referent of the noun it marks is the cause of the situation expressed by the clause

The semantic role of an entity which receives accepts experiences or undergoes the effect of an action

A numeral that expresses how many folds or how many times

A force schema that involves the physical or metaphorical removal of a barrier to the action of a force, or absence of a barrier that was potentially present

A discourse that is an account of events, usually in the past, that employs verbs of speech, motion, and action to describe a series of events that are contingent one on another, and that typically focuses on one or more performers of actions

An affix that: expresses a grammatical contrast that is obligatory for its stem's word class in some given grammatical context and does not change the word class of its stem

A case that marks a noun whose referent is being addressed

An interpropositional relation in which a proposition is presented as an answer or remedy for a problem

A sensory evidential signaling that the speaker's evidence for the truth of his or her statement is derived from the speaker’s own sight

An implicature that is part of a lexical item’s or expressions agreed meaning, rather than derived from principles of language use, and not part of the conditions for the truth of the item or expression

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