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A grammatical gender that marks nouns that have human or animal female referents, and often marks nouns that have referents that do not carry distinctions of sex

A presupposition that does not contain a variable to be instantiated

The first utterance in an adjacency pair

An association between a lexical unit representing a part and a lexical unit representing its corresponding whole

An interpropositional relation in which a proposition(s) substantially paraphrases another proposition(s).

A person in a participant role of audience or unratified participant

An alternative relation in which only one of the propositions or groups of propositions can be true or fulfilled

Deixis that refers to a group not including the addressee

An image schema that involves a physical or metaphorical boundary enclosed area or volume or excluded area or volume

Deictic reference to the participant role of a referent, such as the speaker the addressee, and referents which are neither speaker nor addressee

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