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Any segment during whose articulation there is no complete closure in the mouth

Articulatory settings is also called

A phonological rule for whose application no environment is stated, and which hence applies in all environments. For example, the rules (p – f) and (h – Ø).

The process by which a child learning a first language gradually acquires adult control over the phonological system of the language, usually passing through a series of characterizable stages on the way

The initial consonant of the second word is affected by the final consonant of the preceding word

The term refers to the broader study of stress, rhythm, and prominence

The phenomenon in which speakers of one language or dialect encounter speakers of another, as a result of which at least one variety acquires characteristics from the other

A type of morphological reanalysis in which segments are transferred from the end of a word or morpheme to the beginning of a following one or vice versa

Any phonological change in which a previously existing contrast between two or more phonemes is lost

In the articulation of a consonant, the lower of the articulators involved in forming the constriction

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