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The semantic role of a referent which is advantaged or disadvantaged by an event

Any element in a phrase that does not refer to the same entity that the whole phrase refers to.

A repair that is performed by the speaker of the utterance that needs repair

Number that expresses reference to a quantity greater than that expressed by the largest specific number category in a language, such as "more than one" in English, and "more than two" in some other languages.

Social deixis that expresses a low degree of solidarity between the speaker and the addressee

A move (such as the utterance of oh in English) that signals a sharp change in the state in the speaker’s knowledge, such as the overcoming of a previous expectation, or achievement of a new understanding resulting from new information

A repair that the speaker of the utterance that needs repair makes without a prompting from another participant

A grammatical category that distinguishes affirmative and negative

A type of place deixis that expresses an opposition between locations in visual range and those not in visual range.

A form typically expresses an emotional reaction, often with respect to an accompanying sentence

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