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Indefinite pronoun definition/types/examples in sentences

Indefinite pronouns

Indefinite pronouns are words that replace beings and objects without mentioning them precisely; they refer to the noun, concepts, quantities or times in a vague, generic way, as in “no one came to class”, or “ate too much”. Indefinite pronoun definition

When you say “some think it is a mistake”, you are not indicating who they think or how many there are, that is why they are called undefined.

Indefinite pronouns do not always have variations of gender (quite, any) and number (several, none), and they have polarity features, that is, negative pronouns are used in negative sentences (” none came “, ” Some will come”).

Not all indefinite words can be used as pronouns, in their abbreviated forms some only function as adjectives , such as “a”, “some”, “no” or “any”. Indefinite pronoun definition

What are the indefinite pronouns?

The indefinite pronouns are:


A lot.






A lot of.

So much


A lots of.




So much.


No one.

So many.




Quite a lot.









Too much.



Too many.



Too much.



Too many.









Types of indefinite pronouns

Indefinite pronouns can be classified according to their variations.

1-Indefinite pronouns that vary in gender and number

These are: some, some, some, some, too much, too many, too, too many, many, many, much, many, other, others, other, others, little, few, little, few, whoever, whoever, so much, so , so much, so many, all, all, all, all, one, one, one, one.

2-Indefinite pronouns that vary only in gender

These pronouns are: none, none and several, several. Indefinite pronoun definition

3-Indefinite pronouns that vary only in number

In this case, the pronouns are: enough, enough, anyone, anyone, whoever, whoever.

4-Invariable indefinite pronouns

In this type of pronouns, something, someone, more, less, nothing, nobody would enter.

Examples of sentences with indefinite pronouns

  1. Someone will come for you next week.
  2. For something you have to keep things in a closed place.
  3. They look for pencils, but there are none left .
  4. Many believe that Francisco will not go to the contest.
  5. For many, nothing is better than fish.
  6. Seven advanced positions called in a game is too many .
  7. Sometimes just a little can be too much .
  8. You never know who he works for.
  9. Either we all enter or none of them enter .
  10. Whoever took the notebook should return it.
  11. They had to be repelled, whoever they were.
  12. Stop complaining, it’s not so bad .
  13. There is not enough for everyone who wants to eat ham.
  14. Anyone can try, but few can .
  15. All are important to someone .
  16. We can solve problems, whatever they may be.
  17. It is worth carrying more water, it is never too much .
  18. Some would prefer to do another sport.
  19. Not everything is so bad when you check a little .
  20. This is not a good job, let’s find another one that we like.
  21. If some accept, we will all have to participate.
  22. There are so many who have passed through this room.
  23. There is nothing more important than life.
  24. We went to his house, but no one was there .
  25. Nothing and no one can prevent it.
  26. The girls sing well, but like Nadia none .
  27. Since the pandemic, the world is different .
  28. There are enough of us to build a team.
  29. I lost my shirts, have you seen any ?
  30. They fought bravely, but they were too many .
  31. If something bothers you a lot you should say so.
  32. They said it was full of people, but there weren’t that many .
  33. Some believe that the pandemic will not end this year.
  34. Mountaineering is not for everyone . Indefinite pronoun definition
  35. Others will have better opportunities.
  36. I’m going to get salt, there is little left in the pantry .
  37. I saw several take the trail.
  38. If anyone has doubts, speak up now.
  39. The luck of the cow is not great , that of the chicken none .
  40. The soda is over, I’m going for another .
  41. The most prefer the easy way, too many .
  42. You have put a lot , put less .
  43. Less is more , says one .
  44. We need more sugar, bring all of it .
  45. One seeks the best for its people.
  46. They are all but one who want to go.
  47. Some will come for the beach, others for the savannah.
  48. There are already several weeks off.
  49. The lettuce is so much that we could raise rabbits.
  50. We don’t want those novels, we want others .
  51. There are few mornings that grandmother feels well.
  52. Something may have gone wrong with the operation.
  53. We are looking for someone who can help us.
  54. The quarantine days are enough , some think .
  55. When we get to the field let’s play with whoever they come across.
  56. Some said that the project was not going to prosper.
  57. Gonzalo has suffered enough with that disease.
  58. Some go to the factory and others to the office.
  59. People on the beach there are not many . Indefinite pronoun definition
  60. Only some were able to enter the theater.
  61. There are too many of us in the boat.
  62. Several will go on horseback and others on foot to the herd.
  63. Has anyone seen Caesar?
  64. There is so much that it will surely reach for everyone .
  65. We are all responsible for public health.
  66. Look for some that will work among recyclable batteries.
  67. Do not blame anyone for what happened.
  68. There are many of us who fight for that law.
  69. We almost did not tell what happened.
  70. Few know that Luis is a computer expert.
  71. Let’s talk to whoever picks up the phone.
  72. There are many of us who want a different year.
  73. More will come to this event if it is promoted.
  74. For less they have suspended activities in the school.
  75. Of the books they asked for, he found none .
  76. There are so many that we are going to need another transport.
  77. Is there anything I can do for you?
  78. Nothing will be like before, and everyone knows it.
  79. They all ran to meet her, none was left behind.
  80. Find one that can do the job.
  81. If the rain is little, some of us will be able to go out.
  82. None of them want to sleep in that room.
  83. There is little time and too much to do. Indefinite pronoun definition
  84. Another would have already sought a different activity.
  85. Soon anyone will be able to get the vaccine.
  86. They offered many , but we don’t want so many .
  87. Everything can hurt if you are not careful.
  88. There will be several that will not be nominated for any award.
  89. One wants to swim and the other to dive.
  90. I want another slice of pizza, if there is any left .
  91. Someone thinks a lot before speaking to you.
  92. For this space the guests are too many .
  93. Some are asking for another chance.
  94. We don’t want all , just part of the profit.
  95. Let’s find some who want to collaborate, whoever they are.
  96. It is not so much the bad as the often.
  97. Do you want something before dinner?
  98. You made a lot of pizza dough, it’s too much .
  99. Quite a few went to the evening show.
  100. No one can take care of you as much as I can. Indefinite pronoun definition

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