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How to write a cover letter for journal submission/points to remember

How to write a cover letter to submit the manuscript to the journal

One of the most neglected aspects of magazine presentation is the cover letter. While it may seem like a formality, the cover letter is actually an important part of the submission process. The cover letter is your opportunity to tell the editor about your manuscript, why it is important, and how it fits into the scope of your journal. In general, the letter should get the editor’s attention. This letter should not be drafted in a hurry, as the quality of the cover letter can increase or decrease the chances of publication. The cover letter should follow a fairly standard format. How to write a cover letter for journal submission?

Format of a cover letter

The first thing to do is consult the instructions of the author of the target journal for the requirements of the cover letter. Sometimes magazines will request that certain phrases or statements be included in the cover letter. If this is the case, make sure your letter contains all the required information and statements mentioned in the instructions. Before writing your letter, here are some key things to remember regarding the format of the letter.

  • The letter should be written on letterhead, and should be limited to about a page or a page and a half. All applicable letterhead materials should be included (the date and recipient’s address should be in the upper left, under the letterhead).
  • It should be addressed to the publisher and mention his name, if known.
  • The body of the letter should include four short paragraphs.
  • The first paragraph should present the author and at the same time indicate that the author is submitting a manuscript for review. This section should include the title of the manuscript and the name of the journal. How to write a cover letter for journal submission?
  • The second paragraph should cover the focus of the manuscript. This should include about 4-5 sentences describing the study approach, hypothesis, management, and methodology.
  • The third paragraph should be about 2-3 sentences long and should describe the key findings and how they contribute to the field. You should also describe the scope of the manuscript to the journal based on the details of the manuscript. If you have other important details that could make your manuscript stand out and encourage the editor to submit it for review, be sure to mention those details in this paragraph.
  • The final paragraph should always thank the editor for considering the manuscript for publication.

Points to remember

Also, there are certain key phrases that need to be included, and some of them are even required by most magazines. It should be mentioned that the written manuscript is original and that no part of it has been previously published, nor is any part of it under consideration for publication in any other journal. Authors may also need to declare any conflicts of interest. How to write a cover letter for journal submission?

Finally, some journals require you to submit a list of potential reviewers in the cover letter and also allow you to mention to any researchers that they should not review your manuscript. All these added statements are a very important part of the cover letter, especially if they are required by the journal, and contribute to the general opinion of the editors about the submission of your manuscript. Don’t forget to review your cover letter several times. The text should be revised for clarity and precision. Points or sentences that deviate from focus should be removed and all sentences should relate directly to the purpose, the main results, and the most important findings and conclusions.

Also, all basic grammar and construction problems should be corrected during the review. If you need help with proofreading, you can include your cover letter with your manuscript when seeking a professional proofreading service . How to write a cover letter for journal submission?

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