Homonyms and paronyms exammples and eponymous words

Homonyms and paronyms

Homonyms are words that have different meanings but are pronounced the same, such as cem and sem.
Paronyms are also words that have different meanings but are pronounced similarly, such as length and length.

homonymous words

Homonyms are subdivided into:

perfect homonyms

Spelling (writing): same
Phonetics (sound): same
Meaning: different

Examples of perfect homonyms :

  • path (itinerary) and path (verb to walk);
  • early (in advance) and early (verb to yield);
  • light (with little weight) and light (verb to take);
  • morro (mount) and morro (verb to die);
  • river (water course) and river (verb to laugh);
  • are (healthy) and are (verb to be);
  • summer (season) and summer (verb to see);

homophone homonyms

Spelling (writing): different
Phonetics (sound): same
Meaning: different

Examples of homophones :

  • accent and seat;
  • tall and self;
  • hunt and hunt;
  • cell and saddle;
  • belt and feel;
  • thigh and thigh;
  • concert and repair;
  • council and county;
  • there was and hears;
  • bad and evil;
  • walnut and us;
  • remission and remission;
  • section and session;
  • sense and census;
  • back and forth;
  • voice and you;

homograph homonyms

Spelling (writing): same
Phonetics (sound): different
Meaning: different

Examples of homographs :

  • hit (correction) and hit (verb hit);
  • agreement (combination) and agreement (verb to agree);
  • support (support) and support (verb to support);
  • crying (crying) and crying (verb to cry);
  • spoon (cutlery) and spoon (pick up);
  • beginning (beginning) and beginning (verb to start);
  • color (coloring) and color (memory);
  • doubt (uncertainty) and doubts (verb to doubt);
  • taste (flavor) and taste (verb to like);
  • habit (custom) and habito (verb to inhabit);
  • game (entertainment) and game (verb to play);
  • sauce (broth) and sauce (verb to wet);
  • wise (sabedora) and knew (verb to know);
  • thirst (desire to drink) and thirst (matrix);
  • about (about) and about (verb to spare);

eponymous words

Spelling (written): similar
Phonetics (sound): similar
Meaning: different

Examples of paronyms :

  • absorb and absolve;
  • measure and measure;
  • apostrophe and apostrophe;
  • knight and gentleman;
  • conjuncture and conjecture;
  • defer and differ;
  • description and discretion;
  • leading and diligent;
  • discriminate and discriminate;
  • pantry and pantry;
  • emigrant and immigrant;
  • eminent and imminent;
  • upholster and stew;
  • flagrant and fragrant;
  • flow and enjoy;
  • fluvial and pluvial;
  • immerse and emerge;
  • implicit and explicit;
  • inflict and infringe;
  • influx and efflux;
  • mandate and mandate;
  • mystical and mythical;
  • precede and proceed;
  • ratify and rectify;
  • take turns and review;
  • sound and sweat;
  • traffic and traffic;

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