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Duplicate payment opens up problems related to payment management, such as technology failures, obsolete systems, bottlenecks in the process, disorganization or even forgetfulness, causing inconvenience to the company and end consumers.

Double payment, whether for recurring bills, commitments with partners or even suppliers, often happens in financially disorganized companies and can cause a lot of problems.

In addition to running out of the amount for the second cash payment, the company still has all the trouble of negotiating the refund.

This situation can happen for different reasons. The important thing is to find out what can be done to recover the amounts unduly paid and also to prevent it from happening again.

And that is the subject of this article. Let’s talk about what could be done wrong that favors these overpayments and how to recover what was paid . Duplicate payment

What is a double payment?

Duplicate payment occurs when a consumer, whether natural or legal person, makes the same payment two or more times.

The causes can be a technological failure in a used payment system, for example, or by human error — by forgetfulness or disorganization.

Regardless of the reason, this error generates a lot of inconvenience and inconvenience, as it commits twice (or more) of the amount foreseen in the company’s financial budget for that month and takes time to resolve the forms of reimbursement.

It takes tranquility to find the best solution in each case and always be aware of what Brazilian legislation provides on the subject.

When can double payment happen?

In the case of companies, double payment can happen in recurring bills, such as electricity, internet and others, or in the payment of suppliers, partners and employees, when labor funds are paid more than once.

In all these cases, the company needs to face the problems caused by the mistake made. Duplicate payment

What problems can it cause?

The main problem caused by double payment occurs in the company’s cashier. 

When paying the same expense twice or more, it is possible that the available financial resources become insufficient to cover the other costs, thus compromising financial health and preventing the business from fulfilling all its obligations.

In this case, other consequences can happen, such as the payment of fines and interest for default, bank credit restrictions and even lawsuits, depending on the case and the time to discover and solve the problem.

Main causes of double payment and how to solve them

In the case of boletos and invoices, one of the main reasons for duplicate payments is the lack of financial organization .

When the company does not have strict control over pending payments and those already made, errors are often quite frequent.

Just monitoring the account and statements may not be enough and end up confusing the person in charge, favoring the payment of the same account more than once. Duplicate payment

For this situation, the best solution is to have a specific employee to make the payments and/or use a financial control system .

In this way, the payment of bills is unified, reducing the risk of making mistakes.

Another possibility is that an error occurs in the banking institution. Since 2018, when the collection banking system was implemented, boletus are registered and this does not allow the same security to be paid twice.

However, some institutions have not yet joined the system and can issue slips without this security system.

Credit card payments are also prone to errors, as they do not have this duplicate check.

Duplicate Payroll Payments

Another possibility of double payment is when the payment of labor sums that are undue or that have already been paid.

These payments are usually related to wages, overtime or sick pay .

Here double payment can also happen for different reasons: Duplicate payment

  • bank error — when the bank itself makes the payment twice. In this case, it is the company that must carry out the process of reversing the amounts, and therefore, the company must contact the bank to resolve;
  • errors in the company’s HR and DP sector — this is when the duplicate or improper command is given in the company itself. It can happen in the payment of salary or overtime, or also in benefits, such as transport vouchers and food vouchers.

What does the law say about double payment?

The Consumer Defense Code determines the return of amounts paid in duplicate or overpaid by the consumer.

There is also the legal support of recovering the payment in duplicate, with interest and monetary correction from the date of communication, in case the creditor company refuses to make the payment.

When double payment occurs in labor funds, there is no specific rule on the subject.

However, it is necessary to use common sense and follow another regulation that prevents the discount of an amount greater than 30% of the employee’s salary.

In all cases, it is essential to record and save all services and proposed solution attempts, as well as all communications or charges exchanged with the creditor. 

This way you prove that you tried to solve the problem amicably initially, in case you need to file a lawsuit to recover the amount paid in duplicate.

What to do to recover the money from the duplicate payment?

The way in which the amount paid in duplicate will be refunded depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the payment. Duplicate payment

In the case of services , such as consumer bills (water, electricity, telephone, etc.) and also credit cards, the most common is for the company to offer reimbursement as credit on the next bill.

That way, you will only pay the difference consumed more, if it happens, in the following period.

But it is also possible to request a cash refund. For this, the customer must formally request the return and inform a current account for deposit.

According to the Consumer Protection Code (CDC), service providers have a period of 30 days to resolve the case and return the amount to the consumer, which can be in the form of credit on the next invoice or bank deposit.

If the company refuses to return the amounts paid in duplicate or refuses to provide information about the return and the time for solution, it may fall under article 39 of the CDC .

In these cases, the consumer must file an action in the Special Civil Court of the city or look for the Procon of the region.

It will be necessary to prove the payment in duplicate and the lack of attitude of the company to resolve the situation.

Duplicate payments to suppliers

When the double payment happens to a supplier, the best way is to contact him and talk about the problem, proving that there was this duplicate credit.

Often, also due to lack of financial organization, this duplicity is only noticed after many months.

And, in these cases, even if the supplier is willing to return the amount paid in excess, he may not have the amount in cash at the moment, so it is necessary to be open to negotiation. Duplicate payment

The first thing to remember is that the mistake was not the supplier’s, but your company’s financial sector, so be patient and seek a solution through an agreement.

If there are still outstanding installments ―to be paid ―, they can be reduced to the total amount already credited.

If the total payment has already been made, and the pending issue is with a company that provides recurring services, it can also be agreed that the amount will remain as a credit for future contracts.

However, if there is no interest in this, it will be necessary to accept the conditions and deadlines that the supplier offers or even sue him in court.

How to resolve double payments of labor funds?

Labor legislation determines that discounts cannot exceed the maximum limit of 30% of salary.

This means that the company must guarantee the employee to receive at least 70% of the salary, under penalty of acting illegally.

In addition, it is important that the employee agrees with the proposed way of refunding amounts paid in duplicate .

For this, the company must formalize an overpayment contract which includes the form of return. The contract needs to be signed by both parties.

Depending on the amount and nature of the credit, a full and immediate refund can be proposed (if possible for the employee) or even in installments, discounting monthly until the total already paid is added up, always respecting the limit of 30% of the salary for the plot. Duplicate payment

Another option is, in the case of a salary paid in duplicate, consider that the amount corresponds to an advance on the 13th salary , which by law must be paid by November 30 of each year.

What cannot happen, under any circumstances, is to leave the employee without receiving a salary the following month. 

When the undue payment happens in terms of transport vouchers, meal vouchers or food, when the worker is away from work, for example, it is possible to make an agreement so that the amount is compensated when he returns to work.

How to avoid double payment?

Most of the time, cases of double payment are caused by disorganization in the financial sector of the company.

When more than one person makes payments or even when appointments are made too far in advance, errors can occur. And lack of efficient follow-up can delay problem identification.

The financial organization is the solution to avoid these events. And for it to happen, it is essential to have good financial management.

Several elements make up financial management, but the most important to ensure that the company has sufficient resources to meet all its commitments are cash flow and working capital .

The cash flow is the record of all the financial movements of the company, whether they are expenses or income.

In addition, it also includes estimates and projections of payments for the following months. Duplicate payment

Working capital, on the other hand, is what enables the company to pay day-to-day expenses, even if customers opt for installment payments.

To carry out the cash flow correctly, it is necessary to carefully record everything that enters and leaves the company’s cash on a daily basis. In addition, you need to follow up at the bank and reconcile accounts.

This is when duplicate payment errors easily appear.

When this follow-up does not happen or is sporadic, the perception of missing values ​​is much more complicated, as there will be many entries to sort.

The financial organization is also important so that your company has available resources to wait for the deadline to return the amounts, without the payments of daily obligations being compromised.

Use technology to your advantage

The best thing to do is to count on the help of technology , which today offers several resources and tools to help the manager keep this monitoring up to date.

Much more than a simple spreadsheet, which requires continuous recording of transactions, today several software helps to automate the conference, reconciling the accounts with the projections made and organizing the cash flow in a much simpler and easier way.

Many of these systems offer features that identify appointments and payments that have already been made, preventing duplicate credits from happening. Duplicate payment

Best tools for financial management

But now you must be thinking about which tools are really important for financial management, especially since there are so many available on the market.

Here we are going to talk about the main resources that have the potential to help organize your company’s finances.

Invoice Manager

Managing invoices can be a difficult task, but it is extremely necessary for financial control.

Having an invoice management system helps reduce issuance errors and minimizes bureaucracy, automating and optimizing staff time. Many software are integrated with financial systems, making control even easier.

electronic spreadsheets

Electronic spreadsheets help keep track of accounts payable and receivable, track financial indicators, manage cash flow and analyze income statements.

But to have all these advantages, it is necessary to invest in spreadsheets specially created for the financial sector. Duplicate payment


An ERP is a fully integrated management system, which manages to optimize several actions , from sales registration to even the generation of invoices and financial reports.

It facilitates the identification and analysis of financial information, thus helping to make better decisions.

In the most complete tools, functionality goes beyond the financial sector, as well as sales, HR , inventory and others.

financial systems

They help automate financial and accounting routines, making financial monitoring and control much simpler.

All analyzes can be done in dashboards which are generally quite intuitive.

payment systems

When the company offers several payment methods, such as bills, cards, checks and deposits, for example, it can be difficult to control all receipts.

With payment systems, receipts are automated with banks and card companies. Management is done online, facilitating control.

Other tools that facilitate the day to day of the company

Project management

Companies that have different sectors and teams can benefit from using a project manager .

With it, it is possible to plan activities and distribute tasks among the team, share relevant information and even monitor the development of work and deadlines. Duplicate payment

With a simplified interface, it facilitates the day to day of the company, ensuring that all actions are carried out within the established deadline.


A tool created to facilitate customer management, which helps to build a relationship with the target audience.

CRM captures, analyzes and stores important information about customers and serves as the basis for customer considerations to drive sales and loyalty actions.

digital point

It is an online time system that allows employees to register their schedules through cell phones or tablets with the application installed.

The digital point offers security and agility for the activities of recording and monitoring the workday of employees. 

It also provides several advantages, such as:

  • notices and reminders about the time registration on the cell phone;
  • single sending of registration confirmation, avoiding duplication;
  • online date and time updates, ensuring the correctness of the information;
  • sharing work schedules and vacations;
  • real-time monitoring of hours worked;
  • point registration on the device itself or at defined locations, etc.

As a result, there is a considerable reduction in registration errors and fraud is practically non-existent, since there are GPS resources that show the employee’s location and identification by photo.

Another positive aspect of the digital point is to facilitate the work of the HR sector, which, in the old model, spent hours analyzing data from manual time records.

As everything is automated, it is enough to request the final report with the calculation of the hours of each employee to close the payroll .

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