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Difference between Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

Communication is known as the conscious act of exchanging any kind of information in order to transmit and/or receive data of certain relevance. This usually occurs between two or more people (or animals – and plants, and even technologically enabled devices for it). For it to occur, it is necessary that there are certain guidelines or elements in addition to a message, a sender (who enunciates the message) and a receiver (who receives the message): Difference between Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

  1. Intention to communicate something
  2. Message composition
  3. Message encoding
  4. Signal transmission
  5. Signal reception
  6. Decoding the message
  7. And the interpretation of the message by the receiver

According to the type of signs used to encode the message, it is possible to speak of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Comparative chart Difference between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Verbal communication
Non-verbal communication
Definition Also known as linguistic communication. In this type of communication, the message is verbalized through spoken or written words. it , then, uses linguistic signs to convey messages. On the contrary, in such type of communication is all that which occurs without using words or written or spoken. That is, it is the type of communication in which messages are transmitted without the use of linguistic signs.
Elements involved The speech and the hearing. Sight too, as it is necessary for reading and writing. In the case of braille , touch is essential. Body language is the main source of such communication. Looks, gestures, postures, facial expressions, and others are some examples of non-verbal communication.
Examples A conversation between two people, reading a book, an advertisement that says “Hospital” on the facade of a building. The siren of an ambulance, the wink of an eye, the middle finger raised towards someone, etc.

It should be mentioned that both communications are not the only two types of communication that exist. There is also, for example, written communication, considered by many a type of verbal communication. However, the dynamics between the sender and the receiver in written communication is different from the dynamics in verbal communication, so many authors insist that Scythian communication have its own section. D

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