Difference between learning disabilities and difficulties

Learning Difficulty

Learning difficulty is a problem that a person faces in the learning process. This creates a barrier between the child and a certain set of skills, making it impossible for the child to learn it. Some of the common learning difficulties are Dyslexia (difficulty reading), Dyscalculia (difficulty calculating), and Dysgraphia (difficulty writing). Difference between learning disabilities and difficulties

Learning difficulties can arise for a variety of reasons. These are environmental factors, mental retardation, emotional difficulties, physical disabilities, behavioral difficulties, and even sensory deficits. For example, if a child suffers from mental retardation, this will clearly affect his learning. However, there may be times when learning difficulties arise due to a lack of proper guidance and instruction from teachers. If your child has trouble concentrating, learning can be quite difficult. It is important to remember that learning difficulties can arise due to certain learning difficulties.

Learning disability

Learning disabilities can be defined as the problems that a person faces in learning, transferring, and processing information. The key difference between learning disabilities and learning disabilities is that while learning disabilities mainly affect a child’s learning in school settings, learning disabilities go beyond that. They often affect a person’s entire life when he or she needs the help of another person and cannot handle it alone. In most cases, this can also mean a lower IQ. Here are some common learning disabilities.

Major Differences


Learning disabilities can be viewed as a condition that occurs during a person’s childhood when a person has difficulty understanding information, learning, and communicating.

• Learning difficulty is a problem that a person encounters in the learning process.


In some countries, both “learning disabilities” and “learning difficulties” are used interchangeably.


Unlike learning difficulties, learning disabilities affect the learning process and a person’s ability to cope with daily life independently.


Some learning disabilities can lead to learning difficulties.


A person suffering from learning difficulties may have a lower IQ than a person suffering from learning difficulties. Difference between learning disabilities and difficulties

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