Difference between acculturation and transculturation with comparison table

Two of the most popular cultural processes in history are acculturation and transculturation. Both imply the existence of a native culture and a host culture. This host culture comes after any kind of cultural contact. However, its arrival can have different levels of repercussions, which can range from its gradual assimilation to the replacement of the native by the host culture. Both processes are of great importance in the formation of the cultural identity of the peoples. In this article we will provide you the difference between acculturation and transculturation.

Difference between acculturation and transculturation Comparison Table

Definition Acculturation is the process in which a group of people begin to adopt aspects of another culture. These aspects are usually very different from those of one’s own culture. Although in theory acculturation could occur in a single individual, it must take place between more than one person. This so that it can be studied as a cultural process in itself and not as a simple individual personality trait. It is worth mentioning that acculturation is most of the time a voluntary process. Transculturation, on the other hand, is acculturation to which the processes of substitution and consolidation are added. In other words, one’s own cultural traits are completely lost to be replaced by new ones. However, as it is difficult to lose all the native cultural traits; rather than substitute, a new culture is created. This is the mixture of the original native culture and the host culture (predominant).
Implications Acculturation implies, to a lesser or greater degree, the loss of one’s own cultural aspects. By favoring other cultural aspects, it is normal that they are leaving aside their own. Transculturation implies, in addition to reception, assimilation and substitution, the creation of a new cultural form. This new identity implies the enrichment of one cultural base with aspects of another.
Examples A current example of acculturation is Western ways being gradually adopted by Eastern cultures. Regarding transculturation, the Spanish conquest in Latin America is a not recent but valid example.

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