• The style

    The style, its Concept and classification? tyle is widely used to shape what is written. Just as we dress in different…

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  • Linguistic variants

    Linguistic variants? The linguistic variants are defined as the set of the different modes of speech. These variants appear by virtue of the…

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  • Social status

    Social status Social status in sociology describes the social position that an individual occupies within a society . Status allows, in interpersonal relationships, to know the…

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  • Social Classes

    Social Classes? Social classes are a type of socio-economic classification used to establish the groups into which society is divided taking into…

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  • Sociolect

    What is the sociolect? The sociolect is a social dialect , that is, a variety of language spoken by a social group. It…

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  • Social Groups

    Social Groups? ocial groups are groups of people who come together and interact due to common values, norms, beliefs and /…

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  • Anthropology

    Anthropology? Anthropology is a social science that is dedicated to the study of all aspects of human nature . It is a term of Greek…

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  • Second language

    What is Second language? A second language (L2) is any language learned after the first language or mother tongue (L1). It is not necessarily a language being…

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    MOTHER TONGUE Mother tongue is a common expression that is also often presented as popular language , mother tongue , native language or first language . It defines, as is clear…

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  • Varieties of the Language

    Varieties of the Language The languages ​​are not uniform, but present different varieties, such as historical, geographical, social and registration…

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