Difference between Culture and Civilization with characteristics and Definitions

In the life of the human being, their behavior patterns, beliefs, principles and way of life come from culture, which is the sum of all forms of art, love and thought. All this, with the passing of time, has allowed them to be more free and authenticCulture is that bond that unites people and exposes their way of thinking and living in community. Likewise, civilization encompasses a set of customs, ideas, beliefs, culture and knowledge that characterize a human group at a time in its evolution . That is why there are different cultures and civilizations from the beginning of groups of people established in certain places and countries. In this article we will provide you the Difference between Culture and Civilization.


Culture is a set of knowledge, beliefs, laws, morals, good customs, habits and skills acquired by man both in his family and in the society of which he is a member . Its main characteristic is the adaptation mechanism. It is defined in the social sciences as the set of ideas, behaviors, symbols and social practices, learned and transmitted from generation to generation when leading a life in society.

Likewise, the meaning depends on the context where the word is used: – Physical culture encompasses sports routines, exercises and treatments for the well-being of the body; – Political culture encompasses acts of power and authority that are used in political life; -Organizational culture is the set of norms, policies and values ​​that are put into practice in an institution to achieve a better compatibility between the group than the form and – The classical culture that provides the concepts of the Greco Roman culture, from all points of sight. Each country has its culture, influenced by factors such as peoples, music, dance, tradition, art, clothing, and religion. Culture transcends borders, and there can be the same culture in different countries and different cultures in the same country. 


Civilization is defined as action and the effect of civilizing, which consists of improving the training and behavior of human beings, raising the cultural level of a society. The concept is used to name a complex society. In addition, it is used as a sign of progress and growth. Throughout history, the existence of a large number of civilizations has been determined that have influenced subsequent civilizations that generate interest in people such as the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations.

On the other hand, there is a very important term in the historical sphere, known as the history of civilizations, which tries to study the past through the military and political events that happened and in addition to studying economic, geographical and social progress. . Civilization succeeds savagery and barbarism, according to history, it begins in the 15th century, with the time of the discoveries and is reinforced from the 18th century. The expansion of civilization is known as globalization and is a world process that encompasses the interdependence of nations , the union of markets and cultures, in addition to the imposition of the capitalist system and liberal democracy.

Difference between Culture and Civilization

It is related to thoughts, feelings, ideals and values ​​that a group of people share. It can exist by itself.
It brings together religion, art, philosophy, literature, art, music, dances, which satisfy and generate pleasure, since they constitute an expression of the aspects of their lives. It is not transmitted from generation to generation, due to its complexity. It is necessary to transmit all the basic elements so that it is acquired by others.

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