Difference between Habit and Custom with definitions

Habit and Custom

They are the habits, acts that the human being uses constantly and that with time a habit is formed or created. Habits often become distractions and entertainment for men, but it is the case that there are habits that become obsessions. This is how psychology maintains that the habit of a habit is sometimes necessary for the human being to feel good about himself. However, custom is a way of acting or behaving habitually. In this article we will provide you the difference between Habit and Custom


A habit is an act that, from so many times we use it, becomes a habit. Usually a habit is a simple movement that a person uses to complement their life. Thus, these tend to become distractions and entertainment for those who do it and which in turn are customs that human beings have that allow them to adapt to the environment that surrounds them. The habit can be maniacal, it turns into an obsession. Psychology through studies affirms that man becomes so used to an action that sometimes it is necessary to feel good about it.

On the other hand, habit implies that an action is internalized naturally until it becomes a spontaneous attitude. When this process is carried out, behavioral changes occur. Habits can be moral and affective and have enemies such as laziness and procrastination. Therefore, to develop habits it is necessary to develop disciplines .


Custom can be defined as a way of acting habitually of the human being and that originates a behavior. Which can be the practice that a group of a certain place has with respect to its traditions. Custom is a characteristic of society and its members. In addition, it is a situation that occurs repeatedly, which leads it to be a tradition or custom in a certain social environment in which it is handled. These can be passed from generation to generation or inherited. The gestures, tricks and manias that human beings have, are also considered customs. Additionally, bad habits become destructive vices for man.

On the other hand, an additional concept defines customs such as: habits that are acquired through traditional or frequent practice. Man lives by customs because it gives them security and by doing them repeatedly they become norms . Finally, there are customs related to Christmas, national dates, employer and cultural dates, there are groups that are never overlooked and are enjoyed by all.

Difference between Habit and Custom 

-It is a set of customs that man performs without planning or effort.

-Becomes custom

-It is available at any time in life.

-They can be work, personal, educational, nutritional, sports

-It is a habit that is done because of the frequency with which it is practiced.

-It becomes the norm .

-It can originate in childhood.

-They can be cultural, religious, patriotic, employer.


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