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Battle of Tenancingo (1812)

Wow, there are strange names in our ears! Due to how complicated it is sometimes to mention some words, this is the case of a place where another of the many wars that have occurred throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries took place and another that has to do with independence. of the Aztec country . Battle of Tenancingo

This strange name, which is written Tenancingo, is translated or understood as “a wall or fortress”, that is to say, a site that represents great advantages when it comes to an armed conflict. Next, we will talk in detail about the Battle of Tenancingo and its impact on the independence of Mexico.

When and where did the Battle of Tenancingo take place?

This military dispute for the independence of the Mexicans took place on January 22, 1812. It took place in a place called Tenancingo de Degollado , which is part of the towns of the Mexican nation whose capital is Toluca de Lerdo, which differentiates it from the country , and that later it was known as San Miguel Tenancingo as a generational heritage by tradition, since it is said by the natives of the place that this region was founded by an old woman, from which its name comes from Nahuatl origin.

Who participated in the Battle of Tenancingo?

This conflict was organized by someone whose nickname is “the Servant of the Nation , this because he was a priest but whose Christian name was José María Morelos y Pavón , who later enlisted as a military man. He was a Mexican patriot who insurges and plans what would be the second stage of the Mexican war for independence. This soldier faced the Spanish royalist forces commanded by Rosendo Porlier and Asteguieta , who was an outstanding member of the marine and military forces and who had the support for four years of commissioned or delegated people, the time that the organization process lasted. from 1811 to 1815. Battle of Tenancingo

Miguel Hidalgo delegated the rebellion to the south of the Mexican homeland and he was busy taking over the most important cities and ranches, as well as dominating the area of ​​communication with the Ports of the Asian Continent, specifically with Manila and The Philippines, which at the time were part of La Nueva España. Among his most relevant commission was the occupation of the Port of Acapulco, which was considered fundamental and decisive, as well as very valuable in terms of the connection with La Nueva España. In this way, Morelos managed to reconquer most of the south of his country and a large part of the Center, which contributed to the proposed objective.

Causes of the Battle of Tenancingo

Tenancingo existed for a long time before the presence of the Spaniards in this province because it belongs to the peoples who spoke the Nahuat dialect of the Malinche region, which extends to the provinces that currently prevail in the localities of Tlaxcala and Puebla, and which also had military defense due to its border location. Therefore, it is possible that this conflict developed for the following reasons:

  • The Spanish penetration in Tlaxcala lands , establishing cattle ranches there.
  • The taking of fertile lands on the banks of the Zahuapan and Atoyac rivers . Tenancingo was located in the latter, which was the fort that operated as the border limit of Tlaxcala.
  • Raid on private property in the region . Battle of Tenancingo
  • Collapse of the stately regime that came from pre-Hispanic times by tradition.
  • Imposition of new cultivation techniques, in order to generate greater production , through the sowing of wheat, barley and pea, among others, in addition to livestock exploitation.
  • Generation of the manufacture of products for commercial purposes to obtain greater profits against the production of corn, squash and beans dedicated to the indigenous consumption as self-sufficiency.


The issues derived from this armed conflict can be classified into consequences of four types:

  • Emotional: Tenacity, hope and resistance of the Aztec population to continue fighting for the total independence of their country, since this was another of the battles carried out in order to achieve the objective of emancipation from Spanish colonization.
  • Economic: It may seem paradoxical but, of this process that had as a colony of Spain certain states of Mexico, and especially the province where Tenancingo was located, had relevance in some positive aspects that can be highlighted, among them the diversification of production agriculture and livestock, which had a favorable impact on the indigenous population, since they welcomed being able to feed themselves with other products, although for this they suffered very unpleasant situations, since they were tried to impose everything by force and submission . Of course, without this meaning the loss of its culture and culinary tradition. Battle of Tenancingo
  • Political and Military: Planning of measures aimed at achieving the desired freedom, independence and emancipation of the Mexican peoples and the preparation, articulation and combination of the military components for the effective and accurate attack against the oppressive enemy that for the moment was represented by New Spain and was finally defeated, after a series of successive battles. And although they lost one or another battle, they finally won the war against the Spanish monarchy.


José María Morelos y Pavón with their high military hierarchy next to the group of rebels and insurgent soldiers defeated their rivals the royalist forces, led by their opponent Commander Rosendo Porlier y Asteguieta in the vicinity of Tenancingo, who made their march towards that place to go into combat.

It should be noted that Tenancingo lived up to its name, as it had the ability to withstand the onslaught of the royalist forces with their attacks in defense of the Spanish monarchy and the conquest of larger territories for being a place surrounded by walls and being a tremendous fort or a great fortress that militarily protected its territory with great efficiency in the military strategy planned and executed masterfully in defense of the sovereignty, idiosyncrasy and self-determination of its beloved nation. Battle of Tenancingo

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