Battle of Chacabuco Participants Causes and consequences

Battle of Chacabuco

War conflict that consolidated the Independence of Chile. In this article we will provide you the information about the Battle of Chacabuco.

Date February 12, 1817.
Place Hacienda Chacabuco, Santiago de Chile.
Belligerents Army of the Andes vs. Realistic army.
Outcome Victory of the army of the Andes.

The battle of Chacabuco is considered one of the main warlike conflicts that defined the Independence of Chile , at the beginning of the XIX century .

It took place on February 12, 1817 , on the grounds of the Chacabuco farm , located about 50 km north of Santiago de Chile , and was directed by General José de San Martín .

The importance of this battle lies in the fact that the victory obtained by the army of the Andes consolidated the Independence of Chile and marked, in turn, the beginning of the so-called New Homeland stage 

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Two large groups participated in this battle , constituted as follows:

  • Army of the Andes : made up of the United Provinces of the Río de La Plata and with the collaboration of emigrants from Chile. Commanded by General José de San Martín and Bernardo O’Higgins.
  • Royalist Army : representing the Spanish Empire , led by the military Rafael Maroto.

Causes and consequences


The causes that generated the battle of Chacabuco were mainly three:

  • The desire to recover the territories taken by the Spanish.
  • Stop the injustice and mistreatment to which the Chilean people were subjected.
  • José de San Martín intended to cross the Andes mountain range and liberate Chile in order to advance towards Peru, where the strongest nucleus of the Spanish army was located, with the ultimate objective of liberating South America.

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Among the main consequences of the battle of Chacabuco we can highlight the following:

  • Along with the Battle of Maipu , this was one of the most important battles that consolidated the ndependencia of Chile of the Spanish Empire.
  • The royalist army suffered a considerable reduction in its ranks, due to casualties and prisoners of war, which weakened the Spanish army and allowed the advance of independence in America.
  • Marco del Pont, governor of the lands of Chile at that time, tried to flee to Valparaíso but was caught and taken prisoner.
  • General San Martín and his patriot army made their triumphal entry into the city of Santiago, on February 14, 1817.
  • On February 15, an open town hall was held , calling for an organizational meeting between the referents and politicians. In it, Bernardo O’Higgins and José de San Martín were appointed as supreme directors, but the latter declined because he decided to advance towards Peru, with the aim of continuing the war against the Spanish army.
  • The campaign to the south of Chile began to be planned , where the rest of the royalist troops were gathering.

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