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What is apk?

APK definition is the acronym for Android Package or Android Application Package. It is a file intended for the Android operating system, a format that condenses, groups, compresses compiled files that are installation proprietary.

An analogy is to compare it to the “ZIP” file in Windows, that little colored folder that contains several groups of folders that contain installation files.

The APK, therefore, would be the “Android ZIP”.

What is APK: Usage

But what is the use of this type of compressor file on an Android system? It provides alternative.

Many think that the only possible way to download apps from Android is through the Google Play Store, the only one that provides downloadable files.

But a big mistake.

APK files are an alternative for downloading applications from outside the platform, especially those that are not in the catalog.

It is necessary to change the smartphone’s settings so that it accepts downloading this type of file and finding data packages with the APK language.

What is APK: the advantages

But what are the advantages of downloading this type of file extension compared to those from the Google Play Store?

Imagine that you need to download a new application on your cell phone, to open an account, for example. You head to the Play Store, search for the app, select it and hit the install button.

The download bar starts to fill up, reaches halfway and, suddenly, a warning appears interrupting the installation stating that it will not be possible to download due to lack of space in the phone’s memory.

This always puts people on the verge of “give it a whirl”, because that always happens when you need to download something important.

Then, the task of consulting the phone’s memory begins and choosing the apps and files that are least needed to be deleted, thus gaining the minimum space needed to install the application.

But as much as it is excluded, it seems that it never gets to enough space and everything that is really disposable is gone, leaving only programs that are truly indispensable in your daily life.

What to do in this case?

Buy memory cards.

But what if you’ve already done that and reached your limit?

This is where people start researching what an APK is.

Downloading applications in this format allows them to be installed even with the cell phone not having much free space.

Circumventing the restrictions

If when you try to download a file you can’t because there are restrictions imposed by the store in your country, finding this same application in APK language solves the problem, as it breaks the block.

More options

Now let’s say you heard about a super cool app, ran through the official app store, typed in the app’s name, and found only apps with similar names, but they’re not what you had in mind.

That is, the application does not exist in the store.

One way to get around the problem is to look for this app in APK language outside the store and run to the crowd.

APK file risks

Continuing with this post about what an APK is, the advantages listed above are certainly captivating, but everything beautiful has its dose of risk.

There are APK files that are considered piracy, especially those of paid apps on Google Play. Piracy is a crime, it never hurts to remember.

There are also files that are infected by viruses, which can damage the device, the PC, or collect important information from the user.

Searching apk files

And how to search for files in this compressed language suitable for Android mobile? There are alternative stores to the Google Play Store that provide applications in this format.

There are also sites that provide games, beta versions and apps out of the official Google store catalog in APK.

Enabling the phone for APK files

Continuing with this post about what an APK is, it is certainly not enough to simply go to an alternative store or website and press the download command.

The phone’s settings need to be modified to accept files with an unknown language and an extension must be downloaded.

As for the mobile configuration part:

Go to “Settings”, then “Security” and then “Select unknown sources”.

This option will allow you to install apps from outside the Play Store.

The next step is to download the APK extension on your computer to download this file.

The extension must be transferred from PC to Android and then the file of the intended application in APK language must be downloaded directly to the smartphone.

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