What is Shortcut/meaning/concept/elaboration

A shortcut shows the distance between two points, where one is shorter than usual. In other words, it is an alternative itinerary that people usually take and it has an additional advantage by reducing the space between two different places. It is possible to find shortcuts especially in big cities. It is in the environment of long roads and traffic jams, where the search for a shortcut becomes a precious asset, precisely because it saves time. This improves people’s quality of life .

shorter routes

When a tourist organizes a trip by car, he plans different route alternatives in order to get to know the map better and choose the roads that allow him to reach the destination in the shortest time possible, without compromising his safety . Shortcut

Generally, there are many shortcut options in the city we live in, that is, within the environment we know well, we know all the details of its location in a natural way.

Children love to learn new shortcuts, as they live this experience as a fun game through the great discoveries they make. Adults usually use these shortcuts usually when they are in a hurry to reach a destination, in this case, they use the shortest route to get there as quickly as possible.

In the city streets, we find some shortcuts in the form of alleys that shorten the passage from one street to another. Furthermore, there are strategically placed stairs or elevators at important points that facilitate movement.

keyboard shortcuts

In the technological and computer field, the concept shortcut is used to refer to the quick access keys that simplify the writing steps. For example, the Ctrl key is one of the most used shortcuts. It is a key that, combined with another, serves to activate a function . Thus, one can access web content without the need to use the mouse.

Knowledge of keyboard shortcuts improves from computer experience . In other words, we started to get to know the use of these letter combinations through practical experience.

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