What is Sexual Fantasy definition/concept

Sexual activity is designed to obtain pleasure. Through the imaginative capacity, our mind creates desires and cravings of all kinds. These desires are commonly known as sexual fantasies. Sexual Fantasy

Imagination, culture and morals

Erotic fantasies are unlimited and it can be said that each individual has their own world in this sense. However, there are three elements that are directly related to the creation of any fantasy: imagination, culture and morals .

We don’t need direct sexual stimulation to activate our imagination. With the power of fantasy we are able to form pleasurable images. This mechanism is very common in masturbation, but also in intercourse.

From a Freudian point of view, sexual fantasies are not intended to be fulfilled, as they normally remain in the private sphere. Sexual Fantasy

However, many people try to make the fantasy finally become a reality .

Many sexual fantasies are learned through activities of all kinds. In this sense, erotic stories, adult movies, sex shop and kama sutra are a small sample of the cultural manifestations that favor the creation of new sexual fantasies.

Certain desires are considered acceptable from a moral point of view, but others become problematic because the individual’s moral assessment penalizes a kind of fantasies. If two friends tell each other about their erotic fantasies and one of them ends up lusting after the other’s wife , it is likely that his moral sense prevents him from telling the truth about his hidden desire. Sexual Fantasy

impure thoughts

In some religious doctrines sexuality is conceived only as a means of procreation. Consequently, the pleasurable dimension of sex is acceptable within marriage.

If we take Catholicism as a reference, sexual fantasies belong to the category of impure acts. Therefore, the erotic desires created by the imagination are deviations that must be corrected.

In the Catholic tradition there are concrete proposals to control impure thoughts (for example, it is proposed to pray when someone has inappropriate fantasies). On the other hand, it should be noted that lust is one of the seven deadly sins and most of this type of action starts in the imagination. Sexual Fantasy

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